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This Quiz is on using ISO alcohol on resin for cleaning a glass bong. You must answer all questions to qualify for the Grand Prize. Good Luck! 

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Trim scissors



DAB rigs

Dab stains on fabric

Deluxe cleaning kit

Our DELUXE CLEANING KIT  is Daily glass Cleaning for everything; water pipe, dry pipe, bubbler spoon, press, scissors or rig. This is our best deal and includes the most powerful of all magnetic scrubbers. All the tools and Lifetime replacement along with a bottle good for up to 50 cleanings.  (replacement bottle is $12 for another 50 cleanings so it is cheap to use daily)

  • Clean in under 2 minutes (no waiting)
  • Using tools (direct contact works better!)
  • A squirt to clean any piece, (so much cheaper)
  • Odorless, Organic, Zero toxins, Edible!
  • Clean daily because it is as EASY AS DISHES!
  • Lifetime replacement of tools…WOW…who does that anymore?!?!
$60.00 worth of products retails for $45.00. Earn this kit for 4500 points

Pipe cleaning kit

The Pipe Cleaning kit is for vapes, pipes, one hitters, spoons, bowls and dry dabbing.

  • For DRY pipes
  • One hitter cleaned in seconds, with just 10 drops.
  • Safe for silicone, plastic, glass, metal, skin or paint
  • 5 brushes made to do the job.
  • 2oz Bottle of cleaner for about 50 cleanings
Pipe Kit retails for $22.00. Earn this kit with 2200 points
Play Video about clean and dirty pipe

dab drops Takes stains from fabric

Dab stain on denim

Dab stain on satin

Sometimes you get resin or Dabs on your clothes. Theses Nasty Nuggets can ruin your fine garments, even if its just a favorite Tshirt.
DAB Drops takes stains from most fabric, denim to silk. Works on resin stains as well.
Unique 2-part formula Dissolves And Breaks-up those tough stains.
Clean 25 stains with one kit but pays for itself with one use. 

DAB Drops Retails for $25.00. Earn it for 2500 points

Mile High Cleaner How-To’s!

For growing, trimming and processing. LivWell, Pharmacann, GreenBroz and many grows use Mile HIGH to reduce use of Isopropyl Alcohol and VOC’s

One 8oz jug equals 10 gallons of isopropyl alcohol. That is cheap Daily glass Cleaning!

8oz. Jug

One 8oz jug can clean a bong 200 times, (that takes 40 BOTTLES of ISO). 8oz jug retails for $30.00. Earn this jug for 3000 points

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Deluxe cleaning kit
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