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How it works, the science behind Mile High Cleaner water-pipe and pile cleaning

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How Mile HIGH Cleaner works, the science.

Mile High Cleaner water-pipe and pile cleaning works through the Scientific principals of polar attraction and encapsulation.

Encapsulation theory states that any 2 compounds that can mix, one will be dominant over the other. It then dictates how the new compound will react in the environment. MHC is dominant over Resin so you can easily wipe off trim scissors, rinse out Water pipes or wash any piece.

Mile HIGH Cleaner changes the nature of resin so that it is no longer sticky.

Before using Mile High Cleaner

Blue-banded water-pipe pretreated
with 10 drops of Mile High Cleaner!

After using Mile High Cleaner

Blue banded water-pipe rinsed
in hot water, never washed!

(The other two water-pipes were washed in under a minute with Mile High Cleaner).

Mile High Cleaner Is the Natural way to clean your Natural Cannabis lifestyle

How does WeedWipes work?

 Resin has a negative charge, Mile High Cleaner has a positive charge, and glass is neutral. Resin will ignore the neutral glass to combine with Mile High Cleaner. When they do, this odorless, tasteless, plant-based oil encapsulates the resin and is easily rinsed away in hot water.

 Add 1 drop per inch of Mile High Cleaner to your clean bong, Fill with distilled water. As you smoke, Mile High Cleaner attracts the resin and encapsulates the resin and its associated smells. The next day rinse clean in hot water. Repeat.

Day after day Rinsing is fully effective. I have done 147 days in a row. Each day the resin rinses out and there is no smell. The film left behind is still killing germs and bacteria. Add a few more drops, smoke and the next day rinse it out. Then the monthly full clean takes just seconds

Mile High Cleaner is natural, plant-based formula that is renewable as well as odorless, colorless, tasteless, inert and EDIBLE. Mile HIGH Cleaner removes resin from any finished surface.

Mile High Cleaner Cleaning Kit

Mile High Cleaner features:

 Natural resin remover you can eat

 Cheaper per use than the competition, including Isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol. (do not eat)

 Absolutely non-toxic; cannot harm you or the environment.

 Works on any finished surface and any cannabis mess, growing to smoking

 The only healthy, organic way to clean resin your Natural, healthy lifestyle.

Natural formula that works great on resin!

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Mile High Cleaner cleans resin from almost everything!



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