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Testimonials and Reviews page. We are so proud to achieve better than a 4.8 rating with 0ver 500 reviews and tesimonials. We can’t please everyone but we sure will try.

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Preventative Use: inside a water pipe while toking. You can use BonGOO to prevent resin from sticking in a water pipe. Add 10 drops to a average water pipe. for for larger pieces add up to 20 drops

This is meant to prevent the resin from sticking inside your glass. this is NOT for dry pipes, only water pipes

    • Add a few drops of BonGOO to water in water pipe 
    • Partake as usual (water/flavor will not be affected, but BonGOO will encapsulate resin making the cleanup process much easier!)
    • Rinse with HOT tap water and shake like you normally would  day after day

This is odorless, effective and kills germs wihile you hit. Just rinse each day with hot tap water.

I used this method on a percolated piece for 152 days in a row and it still looked fresh from just hot tap water, a brush down the stem and some shaking.

Meanwwhile, ISO is being dumped by MILLIONS of people. Fact sheet on ISOpropyl Alc. 

Choosing to clean by shaking huge amounts of chemicals is WAY more work than scrubbing, WAY more expensive because it only gets a few cleanings per bottle, and WAY worse for the environment. 

Hope you liked the reviews and Testimonials

best way to clean glass I have ever found Testimonials
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