Order a Mini bottle, get a free vape brush


This kit comes with a 10ml bottle of Mile High Cleaner and a brush for your piece in a reusable pillow box for convenience. Take it with you traveling to get resin off before your flight home.


Introducing the Mile High Cleaner Travel Kit.

The best way to keep your dirty pipe clean on the go! Choose 1 of 4 brushes from small vape to pipe, stem and bowl brush size #1- 1/8″ x 6″  size #2- 1/4 x 8″  Size #3- 1/2 x 8″   Size #4- 1″ x 8″

10ml bottle is enough to clean your pipe 10 times. Maintain the pipe often and have nice fresh clean hits.

As it is easily carried or stashed in a pouch, this kit is great for cleaning while traveling, or just keeping in your stash bag!

Remove resin from fingers and lips before that big meeting.

This leak-proof lid is designed to be on the go so that you can always put a drop of Mile High Cleaner into your bong on the go, as it will prevent resin while you are smoking. It is also refillable if you pop off the tip underneath the cap, so you can reuse this bottle over and over for many adventures and expeditions.

No matter the place, the Mile High Cleaner Travel Kit is there to help keep your smoke clean!

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Additional information

brush size

1 Vape Brush — 6″ soft bristle, one eighth inch wide

2 Large Vape — 8″ semi-soft bristle, one quarter inch wide

3 Small Pipe brush — 8″ soft bristle, one half inch wide

4 Pipe brush — 8″ soft bristle, one inch wide