Mini Mile High Cleaner: Clean 10+ Pipes!


This 10 ml bottle of Mile High Cleaner includes a leak-proof lid and dropper tip for easy use and on-the-go resin removal.


Mini Mile High Cleaner clean 10 or more water pipes or other Dirty pipes

Mile High Cleaner is an all-natural, completely organic glass cleaning product that is chemical and solvent free. Made for any dirty pipe or cannabis mess. Through the scientific principle of polar attraction (compounds with opposite polar values are attracted to one another) cannabis resin is naturally attracted to, and encapsulated by our formula, creating an entirely new compound. This new compound is then easily handled like any other mess- just wipe or rinse it away! This is very efficient so with Mini Mile High Cleaner clean 10 or more water pipes.

This leak-proof lid is designed to be on the go so that you can always put a drop of Mile High Cleaner into your bong on the go, as it will prevent resin while you are smoking. It is also refillable if you pop off the tip underneath the cap, so you can reuse this bottle over and over for many adventures and expeditions. No matter the place, Mile High Cleaner is there to help keep your smoke clean!

Learn more about how to clean your Dirty pipe here!

Mini Mile High Cleaner clean 10 or more water pipes

Never bother with a dirty pipe again.

Easily stashed in a pouch, this is great for cleaning while traveling, or just keeping in your smoke bag!

Have you ever struggled with the question of “how to clean my pipe????”

Learn more about how to clean your pipe here!

Mile High Cleaner is THE amazing new cannabis resin remover AND preventer.

  • Removes resin from any smooth, finished surface including: glass, metal, plastic, ceramic, acrylic…even fabric!
  • 100% natural, organic, renewable plant-based oils.
  • Safe for rubber and silicone.
  • Rinse resin away using only hot water (when used as a preventative.)
  • Odorless, tasteless cleaner that will not affect the flavors or your favor flower or concentrate.

Cannabis is a natural and healthy lifestyle.

People who care about the environment and are concerned about the chemicals and toxins dumped into that environment should note that the solvents typically used to clean pipes are not a healthy choice. Their extreme odor is trying to cover the chemical smell.

Some cleaners are 100% hazardous VOC’s (volatile organic compounds), like Isopropyl Alcohol, Formula 420, and Grunge Off, just to name a few. Other cleaners state they are 3% VOC’s, consequently they all have warnings and the Poison Control Center number on their label.

Mile High Cleaner Resin Remover contains ZERO VOC’s or hazardous compounds and is completely edible.

Therefore, there are no warnings on Mile High Cleaner and cleaning is a whole lot easier

Mile High Cleaner changes the nature of sticky resin. Molecular encapsulation

Dirty pipe, bong, bubbler or hookah, simply wipe, brush, rinse  in hot water or wash with detergent depending on needs. 

The Molecular Encapsulation used in MHC is explained here.

(Each golden form indicates a differing oil in the Mile HIGH Cleaner formula and have varying size triglyceride chains. These correspond to the several types of resin, from oily to crusty. The red ball is one type of resin being encapsulated and no longer able to stick to anything.)

Mile HIGH Cleaner is scientifically engineered to remove, prevent and neutralize plant matter!

Created specifically for Dirty pipes, cannabis & hemp, our product works amazing on all stubborn plant matter, regardless of the type of plant!  MHC is also odorless, tasteless, inert, kills germs, bacteria and fungus but cannot harm you or the planet!

The 100% natural way to keep your pipe clean! (if you have the correct tools.)

Additional information

brush size

1 Vape Brush — 6″ soft bristle, one eighth inch wide

2 Large Vape — 8″ semi-soft bristle, one quarter inch wide

3 Small Pipe brush — 8″ soft bristle, one half inch wide

4 Pipe brush — 8″ soft bristle, one inch wide

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