Basic Cleaning Kit (brushes, 6″ to 16″ long)


This 2-oz bottle of Mile High Cleaner Resin Remover is enough to clean 50 water pipes

7 brushes including the triple brush that is 16″ long. This is for the weekend toker. a basic cleaning kit that will last for many years.with a full bottle of cleaner. NOTE ships in eco friendly minimal packaging.

Mile High Cleaner Standard Cleaning Kit,

includes our most popular brushes. The Mile High Cleaner Cleaning Kit is the Basic Tool Kit for all your paraphernalia from vape to bong. It comes with a 2oz bottle of Mile HIGH Cleaner which is simply;

The most amazing Cannabis resin remover!

Mile High Cleaner Cleaning Kit includes;

  • Triple Brush This is 3 connected brushes that can be used in many ways. Made to clean most water-pipes and hookahs. It is a 16” bendable with a joint. connection. It has a Protected tip, soft bristle. The unique design is perfect to reach down inside taller pieces and between 'ice catchers', while the smaller end is perfect for the neck and down stem neck or bowl.!
  • Pipe brush - This 8″ soft-bristle Pipe Brush soft tipped end to fit into most pipes, stems, and other glassware. Sturdy and firm, the Pipe Brush is perfect for all your pipes.
  • Vape and/or stem brushes - The 6” soft-tip versatile, bendable, yet rigid Vape and/or Stem Brush remove debris from the tiniest nook or cranny, but does not leave behind the fuzz of traditional pipe cleaners.We developed a line of custom brushes designed specifically to clean hard to reach resin. WeedWipes strong, yet flexible, brushes are perfect for use with Mile High Cleaner Natural Resin Remover.
  • 1 Mile High Cleaner Resin Remover 2-oz bottle

This  2-oz bottle of Mile High Cleaner Resin Remover is enough to clean 50 pipes or 40 to 60 water pipes. This extremely effective formula works on any cannabis mess and any non porous surface from glass, acrylic,

  • Cheaper and works better than ISO without any hazards or side effects.
  • Is used daily to prevent resin. Just rinse in very warm water.
  • Is good for the planet (something you can be proud to sell)
  • Natural, Organic and Renewable.
  • Cleans any cannabis mess; trimming, extraction and concentrates
  • Costs less than any other cleaner including Isopropyl alcohol
  • Plant based, natural and edible!

Video on cleaning bong with the Double Ended Water pipe Brush

Coat the bristles with a few drops to help later in cleaning them. Don't use them as pokers and they will last for many washings. Just coat with MHC and work it in. Then add dish detergent and work that in then rinse

The Mile High Cleaner Cleaning Kit includes our most-popular items combined for a discount that will save you money!

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Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 5 in
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