Industrial Size Mile High Cleaner (32oz) equal to gallons of ISO


Mile High Cleaner is the natural way to remove resin! Keep your trimmers or pipe clean and lungs healthy with just a few drops.

Safer and easier than Isopropyl Alcohol.

Specially designed to work on any cannabis mess—from growing extraction, concentration and consumption.

Use on trim scissors, automated machines, pipes, bongs, vaporizers, and anything else that touches cannabis!


Mile High Cleaner, 32oz

This size is for a good sized grow. Not meant for personal use.

The Best Industrial Cannabis Cleaner

Mile High Cleaner is the completely organic, natural, plant based, resin remover you can EAT.

Natural, renewable and edible

MHC is inert, kills germs, microbes and bacteria and cannot harm the planet

It is chemical and hazardous solvent free, and is therefore far safer for your health than anything else on the market, especially the traditional method of Isopropyl Alcohol or other solvents and VOC’s.

Through polar attraction, plant stickiness is naturally attracted to MHC and is instantly encapsulated. This new combination is no longer sticky, as MHC has contained that aspect of the resin. As a result It is easily wiped or rinsed or washed away with dish soap and hot water depending on your needs.

Mile High Cleaner costs less than Isopropyl Alcohol, so it saves you money!

Works on all cannabis stickiness, from trim scissors to dabs and extractions. Effective on any surface from plastic, acrylic, laminate counters, painted walls or any finished surface. Odorless and colorless inert, kills germs, microbes and bacteria. This product contains ZERO harsh chemical and cannot harm you or the planet.

Mile High Cleaner saves your precious time, money and, best of all, your health.

Mile High Cleaner Industrial Cannabis Cleaner 32oz size is for small to mid-sized grows

Scientifically formulated to work on any plant sap, resin or burnt plant matter.

  • Removes resin from any smooth, finished surface including: glass, metal, plastic, ceramic, acrylic!
  • 100% natural, organic, renewable plant-based oils.
  • Safe for rubber, plastic, acrylic, laminate and silicone.
  • Rinse resin away using only hot water, wiping or washing
  • Odorless, tasteless cleaner made for Cannabis cleaning.

Try our Ultrasonic Cleaning System. Just run your trimmers through the cycle nightly for new scissors daily.

Cannabis is a natural and healthy choice. People care about the environment and are concerned about the chemicals and toxins dumped into that environment. Solvents being used to clean all phases of cannabis are not a healthy choice. Their extreme odor is trying to cover the chemical smell.  Some cleaners are 100% hazardous VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) like Isopropyl Alcohol, Formula 420, Grunge off. Other cleaners state they are 3% VOC’s, consequently they all have warnings and the Poison Control Center number on their label. These chemicals are just getting harsher and becoming more toxic as the need for them increases, so it is important for all cannabis consumers and companies to know about the 100% natural alternative that is actually more effective than any harsher cleaning method.

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Weight34 oz
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