XL Industrial Size (32oz cleans 800 water pipes)


Mile High Cleaner is the natural way to remove resin! Keep your trimmers or pipe clean and lungs healthy with just a few drops.

Safer and easier than Isopropyl Alcohol.

Specially designed to work on any mess—from growing, extraction, concentration and consumption as well as any trimmers, scissors, pipes, glass, plastic or even paint.

Use on trim scissors, automated machines, pipes, bongs, vaporizers, and anything else that touches cannabis!


Mile High Cleaner Industrial resin Cleaner in bulk XL Industrial Size (32oz)

Have you been looking for an easier way to clean your trimmers?
Searching for a safer, easier solution than Isopropyl Alcohol?
Mile High Cleaner is here to help!

Mile High Cleaner Industrial resin Cleaner Industrial Size (32oz) jug was created specifically with growers, extractors and processors in mind.

Mile High Cleaner’s unmatched cleaning power and efficient formula cleans with just drops, so our Industrial Size is made for anyone with lots of cleaning.

Our natural resin-removing formula works in harmony with natural forces to remove resin and only takes a few drops to clean even the stickiest spots!

Mile High Cleaner’s organic formula works in harmony with the composition of our natural world to safely clean stubborn plant matters.

Made in Colorado from 100% organic & renewable plant-based oils that kill germs, microbes, bacteria and fungus and is being tested for killing corona virus

Non-Toxic and edible, though it is a cleaner and not meant to be eaten.

Safe on any smooth, finished surface- from glass & wood to rubber & silicone + anything in between!

Mile High Cleaner’s resin-removing formula was crafted based on the scientific principles of polar attraction & molecular encapsulation to neutralize + prevent resin build-up & easily clean up any sticky plant mess! 

Mile High Cleaner can be used directly to neutralize & clean resin or as a resin preventer in water pipes

How to use Mile High Cleaner Industrial resin Cleaner

  • Make sure your MHC is at room temperature or warmer 
    • MHC is made of natural oils, so it will solidify at lower temperatures- simply warm up the bottle in your pocket or some warm water or even microwave for 10 seconds, it is not flammable but don’t overdo it.
  • Direct Use: 
    • Warm the piece being cleaned under hot water to impart heat. (just like soaking a roasting pan)
    • Drain completely but retain the heat.
    • Apply a few drops of MHC directly to resin
    • Work MHC into resin – if spots are hard to reach, use brushes or scrubber for quickest cleaning process.
    • Add dish detergent and scrub again as normal. It is now just like washing a dish.
    • Rinse with hot water and shake to get all detergent out.
    • Repeat daily for best flavor
  • Preventative Use:
    When changing water on a water pipe

    • Add drops of MHC to water in water pipe (~1 drop/1” bong; 10″ bong gets 10 drops)
    • Smoke as usual (flavor will not be affected as it is odorless, tasteless and inert and only using drops.
    • MHC kills germs, microbes, bacteria and fungus while preventing resin build up
    • MHC will encapsulate resin before it sticks to your glass, making the cleanup process much easier!)
    • Rinse with very hot water every day and add another

Mile High Cleaner makes cleaning your piece as easy as doing the dishes!

Created in 2015 to sustainably clean cannabis & hemp by Jim Berry of Berry Innovations in Colorado, Mile High Cleaner is the revolutionary way to clean all of your tools- safely & consciously. 

Jim was sick of the smell of Isopropyl Alcohol, not to mention the life-threatening side effects, so he decided to find a better way of doing things. 

Since then, he has been innovating the formula, designing handy tools to help make it even more effective, & bottling it all up for you in Colorado- so you can keep your glass clean & your lungs healthy too.

If you would like to learn more about our formula or have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us directly- we are here & happy to help!

Ordering a large quantity? Call for a freight quote!

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