Mile High Cleaner: Deluxe Kit


Comes with FREE Lifetime replacement on any tool with the Mile HIGH Club!

This deluxe kit includes a 2oz bottle of Mile High Cleaner and all our tools. 8 brushes of various sizes including a 16 inch long double ended brush and the Canna Mag magnetic scrubbing tool… resin doesn’t stand a chance! Canna Mag magnetic scrubber comes in colors. Please choose from 8 colors.




Deluxe Mile High Cleaner Kit. The tools to keep your glass clean and fresh.

Free replacement of tools…FOREVER! See below for details

The best cleaning tools paired with the healthy, natural cleaner for your ‘natural lifestyle’.

We all have plenty of paraphernalia for eating and drinking. We also have lots of tools and investment in cleaning those dishes, pots, pans, glasses and silverware. Tools like the sink, scrub pad, scrub brush, dish detergent, dishwasher, another detergent for the dishwasher and jet dry!

What investment did you make to keep your inhaling paraphernalia clean and odor free?

Deluxe Mile High Cleaner Kit. The tools to keep it clean. This is the top of the line set of everything we use to keep our own pieces sparkling.

Deluxe Mile High Cleaner Kit. The tools to keep it clean.

Mile High Cleaner Resin Remover Deluxe Kit — The coolest cleaning tool paired with the world’s best resin remover and 7 brushes

Canna Mag Cleaning tool

  • Super powerful Rare-Earth magnetics.
  • Coated to protect your piece.
  • Serious scrubbing power!

PLUS the incredible Mile High Cleaner Natural Resin Remover.

5o cleanings per bottle makes it cheaper per use than ISO.



The shuttle cuts a swath right through the resin!

Mile HIGH Cleaner changes the resin so it is not sticky. It is now just like another dirty dish to be washed. This is the correct tool, like a scrub brush on a roasting pan. Free lifetime replacement.

Canna Mag is made to get to the hard to reach areas. The magnets are powerful and will keep up with your fastest scrubbing. Just 20 drops of MHC cleans this piece using the Canna Mag scrubbing tool and brushes.

It was clean in under 2 minutes just like doing the dishes. 20 drops was all it took. That is cheaper than ISO alcohol with virtually no environmental impact


All the tools you need to clean your paraphernalia

These are the tools, time to treat your precious glass to a bath.

Mile High Cleaner Deluxe Cleaning Kit Includes:

These 6”-8″ soft-tip, versatile, bendable, yet rigid brushes remove debris from the tiniest nook or cranny in a vape pen, pipes, stems, bowls box mods or any sticky paraphernalia. Doesn’t leave behind the fuzz of traditional pipe cleaners. The tip is protected so it wont scratch your piece. These brushes will last for many uses

Our line of custom brushes are specifically designed to work with Mile HIGH Cleaner. These brushes will last for years if treated well and used with Mile HIGH Cleaner Natural Resin Remover. (NOTE; do not use with solvents like ISO alcohol)

Deluxe Mile High Cleaner Kit. The tools to keep your glass clean.

Free lifetime replacement in the Mile HIGH Club

You bought all our tools, if you continue to buy the cleaner I will replace each and every tool as needed, with any order, for free to the original purchaser of the Deluxe cleaning kit.

This is exclusive to DELUXE kit owners.

Must purchase on line at with no other discounts or offers can apply. Order must be registered here.

Receive free item in addition to any other coupons and codes for life.

What kind of cleaner would you want?

  • Odorless and does not irritate eyes, nose or throat.
  • Incredibly effective formula
  • Works on acrylic, laminate, paint, tile and of course all glass and paraphernalia.
  • Works on dabs, concentrates and in the grow on trim scissors.
  • Kills germs, microbes and bacteria without harming the planet.
  • Harmless, safe, non-toxic…in fact it is completely edible!
  • Natural plant-based oils that are organic, renewable and healthy.
  • Works by polar attraction and encapsulation, effective and natural way to clean resin.
  • Formulated for Cannabis, not some re-purposed solvent.
  • Cost effective, The 2oz bottle cleans a 10″ piece about 50 times using these tools. 

It is your choice, the same old toxic and hazardous solvents or the next generation in resin cleaning.

NOTE: If you use our tools with toxic solvents like ISO or other cleaners the it will damage the bristles and pit the metal of the brushes. It will dissolve the coating on the Canna Mag shuttle and it voids any warranty.

Additional information

Weight6 oz
Dimensions5 in
Mag color for Deluxe kit

black, blue, Green, orange, purple, red, white, yellow

Accent color


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