DAB Drops: Fabric Cleaning Formula


The revolutionary DAB Drops two-part formula cleans wax, dabs, Rosin, Live Resin and all ‘concentrates’ from fabric effectively. It even works on black tar resin from other paraphernalia. Clean virtually all fabrics, from denim to silk and everything in between! Enough to clean 50 stains or more depending on fabric and density.

Dabs are the worst kind of sticky. When hot dabs fall on fabric, they form around the fibers and makes a hard little spot that feels scratchy, ruins your clothes and is impossible to remove- until now. Mile High Cleaner’s natural two-part formula, Dissolves And Breaks-Up stains to remove dabs from any fabric, denim to silk!


DAB Drops: Dissolve and Break-Up Tough Fabric Stains

Save that favorite pair of blue jeans, t-shirt, dress or other garments. Dabs are the worst kind of sticky because when hot dabs lands on fabric, it forms around the fibers and makes a hard little spot that feels scratchy, ruins your clothes and is impossible to remove. Until now!

With DAB Drops, get dabs out of most fabric, blue jeans to silk! Remove dabs naturally, safely and effectively. Enough to do up to 50 dab stains depending on size and fabric thickness.

Our unique two-part formula is the breakthrough you've been looking for-

no need to toss your favorite shirt because you dropped a dab on it.

Part One: Dissolve. First apply as few of drops as possible to the DRY dab stain. The less you put on the less you have to take off with the 2nd formula. Work it gently into the fabric until you feel the dab spot dissolve. Don't stress delicate fabric. The formula breaks down the dab but thicker fabrics like denim have many layers of fiber so work it completely in, warmth helps.. Add more drops or give stubborn stains overnight to dissolve. It is perfectly safe for most fabrics.

Once completely dissolved add the Break up formula

Part Two: Break up. Saturate area moistened by Formula A. Don't miss any! Work into the fabric until all areas turn white with fine foam. Now you can rinse thoroughly in as warm of water as the fabric will take. Launder as usual. Repeat if needed. If it is still a dab stain you did not use enough formula 1. If it is more of an oily stain you didn't use enough formula 2. When dry just redo step 2.

If it is both, start over and try harder. Dabs are hard to remove. It will take some work but the fabric must be dry to start.

This is the ONLY WAY to save those favorite jeans and other clothing you were about to downgrade to rags.

DAB Drops removes stains from fabric, denim to silk

DAB Drops saves your clothes and is very easy to use. Use Dissolve Formula 1, our finest formula, to dissolve dabs down to the fibers of the fabric. Then Break-up Formula 2 breaks up that dab to wash away.

Remove Dabs from fabric naturally, safely and effectively. Now you can get those dab stains dabs out of jeans.

Enough to do 50 dab stains or more depending on how messy you are.

Use on dry fabric only! Test on an inconspicuous spot. Suitable for most fabrics.

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