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Love the taste of the first hit from a clean piece?

Our loyal fans are passionate about how well Mile HIGH Cleaner works over Isopropyl Alcohol. 

This is important!

Toxic solvents to clean resin from glass not sustainable. ISO is the biggest problem.

There are hundreds of millions of Cannasumers in the world

dumping a MINIMUM of 100,000 gallons a day into our environment and it is not even legal yet.

Reviews from happy customers saving the environment
dead fish
Daily shoices mean a healthier environment

Isopropyl Alcohol is made from Fossil Fuels,

the source of most of our environmental issues

Government info on VOC’s, ISO is a VOC and contributes to Ground Level Ozone which kills one million a year worldwide.

Government info on biodegradable,

“Biodegradability does not guarantee low toxicity. Chemicals known to be rapidly biodegradable have also been identified as carcinogens, mutagens or reproductive toxicants (CMR).” 

This describes Isopropyl Alcohol perfectly.

If a compound is made from toxins, when it breaks down it is still made from those toxins. Matter can neither be created nor destroyed, it can only be changed. Biodegrade is the most basic of ways to break down a substance but it can only go so far. As nature gets Saturated with toxins it reacts.


Isopropyl Alcohol is not a cleaner
Flu shot

Battle against Super-Bugs

Mother nature is patient and will always find a way.

As we wage war on germs and bacteria, Mother Nature creates armored germs with extra thick cell walls that are impervious to Isopropyl Alcohol.

25,000 Cases per year INSIDE hospitals of ISO resistant super bugs. This is because we use ISO so much that Mother nature stepped up her game.

This is similar to Penicillin no longer being effective. They had to find a new strain that worked. They are on Amoxicillin now and soon Mother Nature will figure out the way to defeat that as well.

What if Covid was resistant to isopropyl alcohol?


our fans love Mile HIGH

Stop Using ISO 

Fly in my piece

Clean your piece daily!

Just like your dishes. 


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