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Derek M., Westminster, CO

I gave Jim my bong so he could do a demonstration of how well Mile High Cleaner works. Its so hard to clean my small bong. I settled in because I know it would result in minutes of time wasted while he labored. After all, to clean my fairly dirty, rather smelly bong is difficult. I turned away to grab my water and consequently almost missed it. By the time I turned back he was saying he was just about done. We are talking 20–30 seconds max and he was already done. And it was CLEAN. In addition there was no smell and I was not dizzy in contrast to ISO.

He had saved some of the black goo, which he smeared down onto the sink. He had me clean it. This huge resin gob just dissolved like magic with a few drops. As a matter of fact it didn't stink, furthermore I didn’t need gloves and it did not sting my eyes.  It was amazing!

Shari A., Lakewood, CO

Mile High Cleaner cleaned my vape pen very well. Also the little spring was cleaner than I had ever gotten it with Isopropyl alcohol. It’s even organic, plant based and edible so it wont harm me!


It's an amazing product. I spent around ten minutes cleaning my pipe instead of 30 to 45. Not to mention it didn't hurt my eyes or dry my skin. Equally important it has no smell. Also I would like to thank you for the reply. Feel free to use my review on any site you wish to promote WeedWipes. Furthermore I will never use anything else after this.

Christopher VonAllman said,

Just tried the sample that I received in a subscription box...... it's amazing how much faster it works than everything else I've tried. Two pipe cleaners and ten drops later my pipe is almost spotless. It hasn't been this clean since I bought it. I will definitely be ordering a two oz. Bottle and asking my local dispensary to start carrying mile high cleaner.


Better than rez-block independent test.

Hey Jim, how’s it going? I did what you said and used WW as a resin blocker and its actually a little better than RezBlock. I did a video on it to show


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DOPE magazine review of WeedWipes;

Attention all smokers! Stop using rubbing alcohol, 420 cleaner and  710 cleaner to clean your pipes! I bought this cleaner out in Colorado and it's honestly the best that I've used. @weedwipes is all natural, organic, and non- toxic to your body. I SEEN THIS GUY DIP HIS FINGER IN THIS AND EAT IT IN FRONT OF MY EYES PEOPLE! Not only does it clean your pipes and water-pipes it also cleans vaporizers, vape pens,  No longer will you have to worry about getting all that nasty ass smelly resin all over the place. Go and follow @weedwipes and check out their website to buy some cleaner.

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