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A Collection of Videos, Techniques and Information on how to clean a bong, pipe or rig

Note; Mile HIGH Cleaner and WeedWipes are the same products.

How to Clean a Vape Pen or vaporizer.

Clean Resin From ANY Surface! This is plastic!!

How to clean with Canna Mag Scrubber.

How DAB Drops takes dabs off fabric.

A little about the product fromt he inventor

The Canna Mag and a Nightmare bong

Clean a bowl with a brush, then clean the brush.

DAB Drops can even take ink off satin

Customers are amazed by our products.

Why clean your glass you inhale from?

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Why Clean your glass? First of all, it is YOUR PIPE. You inhale from it inviting that great smoke into your lungs. Give it a good sniff, if you gag that is really the flavor you are  inhaling when you smoke. At the very least you would not drink from yesterdays glass left out over night, would you?

How often should you clean? If you use a Wet piece once a day you should clean it once a day. Would you drink out of yesterdays unwashed glass?

For everyone else, the healthiest way to smoke out of a bong is to clean it after each use and let it dry completely before storing.

Mile HIGH Cleaner uses Polar Attraction and Encapsulation to change the very nature of Resin. Most cleaners are solvents that dissolve the resin and anything else it touches. There really is no competition because we are in a category by  ourselves. While our product is organic, the competitors insist on serving you up doses of solvents and VOC's. Mmm...chemical-isous.



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Isopropyl Alcohol Hazard Information


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