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Mile High Cleaner How-To’s!

Spread formula on  warm resin, scrub, then wash in the sink.

To elaborate; 

Fill or submerge piece in HOT water and let sit for a minute. Like soaking a pan.  

DRAIN completely but retain the heat.  

You do NOT need water while scrubbing, just warmth to get resin gooey. 

Squirt in some formula and spread over the resin using tools. (see methods in videos below) 

Scrub any spots. 

Add detergent and scrub like any dish or glass. 

Rinse and scrub completely in hot water. 

In the most basic of terms; 

MHC changes the resin so it is no longer sticky. 

Simply wash it like any dirty glass, with detergent and a brush..  

Warmth helps. Store in a warm place. 

Do not dilute with water, Use a small amount directly on the warm resin…NO WATER! Just dump the hot water out after it has warmed the resin.


Find a video that best describes your piece.

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Boiling is only for VERY dirty pieces. Weekly cleanings use hot tap water

Regular cleaning of a pipe at the sink

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