Triple Brush: Best Bong cleaning brush


Mile High Cleaner Triple Brush is the best bong brush ever. It is 5 brushes in one and made to keep your glass clean, fresh and tasty. Diameter from 1/2 inch to 2 inch wide up to 16″ long and deals with the ‘ice catchers’.

Triple Brush is the Best Bong cleaning brush for your glass.

The Triple Brush is the best way to brush clean your glass water pipe. It is the workhorse!

This is 5 brushes in 1. Fitting a diameter as small as 1/2 inch to 2 inch diameters up to 16″ long and is specially made to deal with the ‘ice catchers’. Made to clean most water-pipes, bongs and hookahs. That is why the Triple Brush is the Best Bong cleaning brush. Found in the DELUXE CLEANING KIT.

Our best package is the DELUXE CLEANING kit and it comes with free lifetime replacement warranty (THE DAILY CLEAN CLUB).

16 inch long brush

Overall length of 16 inches



The knuckle is made to break apart so you don’t damage your glass from too much pressure.

The Tips are protected to help keep your glass safe. The knuckle is meant to break apart before your glass is damaged.

Triple Brush is 5 brushes in 1 and fits 5 different diameters of glass by pairing brushes to achieve different widths and lengths.

The best water pipe brush ever designed.




The Knuckle allows you more flexible ways to deal with odd pieces.

Triple brush

Triple Brush is 5 brushes and is the best water pipe brush to clean your glass and designed specifically to clean hard to reach resin. These strong flexible and bendable brushes are perfect for use with Mile High Cleaner Natural Resin Remover. but don’t use them with solvents like ISO Alcohol. It will damage them.

Easy to use.

Apply a few drops of Mile HIGH Cleaner to the Triple Brush applied to a WARM, RINSED WATERPIPE. then spread the cleaner on the resin and watch that sticky black goo emulsify before your eyes. The warmer it is the faster it will brush off.

Add and a couple drops of dish soap then add very warm water to completely and efficiently clean your favorite pieces.

Resin removers are not all the same and the Mile High Cleaner is made to work with all our tools from the Canna Mag to this brush.   Video of Canna Mags

A 2 oz bottle of Mile High Cleaner Natural resin remover, enough to clean A 10″ daily smoker piece 50 times which means you are paying 25 cents to clean your piece. Your first hit cost that. And isn’t it delicious from a clean piece? Don’t you want that flavorful hit as often as possible?

Dirty bongs turn gross, foul-tasting and smelly fast. Those are germs and bacteria shitting in your water. They might put you at greater risk of developing lung issues. This is especially relevant to already compromised such as Asthma or allergy sufferers. But, how often should you clean your piece?
For heavy consumers, the correct answer to this question is at least once every day. Germs, microbes and bacteria grow every second in your piece. For occasional users, the healthiest way to smoke out of a bong is to clean it after each use and let it dry completely before storing.
You spent a lot of money on your weed and your piece. Take care of it like you take care of your pots, pans and glasses by cleaning them daily.

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