Sample Pack and brush

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Sample and a brush

Enough to clean 3 pipes.

Perfect to share with a friend. Order up to 3 free.

You will want the Deluxe kit for yourself…


Sample Pack and brush.

This is enough to test out the formula with minimal cost. Test it on a one-hitter for best results but will also work on a bowl, stem or pipe. If your pipe is clogged or never been cleaned try the boiling method found on the video instruction page.

Get the Sample Pack and brush with instructions for FREE on any order with free shipping on orders over $25. Get one for all your friends who toke, they are free and your friends are looking for a better way as well so share Mile HIGH Cleaner with your friends to help them reduce toxins too. Once you feel how MHC dissolves the resin and washes clean leaving no resin, smell or toxins from a quick brushing you will never want to use ISO again.

NOTE; Please refer to the instruction page for both Weekly Maintenance and Boiling super clogged pipes. This is a sample and a small brush perfect for a one-hitter. This is meant to be used as a trial to show how it works on resin. If you have a old,clogged, dry, disgusting pipe that has never been cleaned, with small openings, that has been neglected for so long you have forgotten what color it is, you dont really care about a clean pipe. However, if you prefer a better flavor you can clean a surprising amount of stuff  with the sample pack and brush.

Clean with tools, like everything else we clean…

If you are tired of shaking your water pipe and want to try a better way you can get a discount code for the Deluxe Cleaning Kit. ($70 worth of products sells for $45 every day).

Want to carry MHC in your shop, contact to talk to a representative.

If you think ISO is not harming the planet please watch this video.

We actually want you to have all the tools to clean so that you will have the easiest time and possibly clean more often. That is why the Deluxe Kit comes with lifetime replacement on all tools.

If you prefer a bong try the new BonGOO formula for preventing resin in water pipes. Just 10 drops in an average water pipe prevent resin from stickingStop suffering with a dirty water pipe!!

Remember, you can get up to 3 Sample Packs and brush sets with any order.

Free shipping on any order at $25


Weight .04 kg
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 1 cm

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