Sample Pack and brush


Sample and a brush

Enough to clean 3 pipes.

Perfect to share with a friend. Order up to 3 free.

You will want the Deluxe kit for yourself…

Sample Pack and brush

Get the Sample Pack and brush with instructions for FREE on any order.

This is enough to clean a spoon pipe 3 times. A one hitter could be cleaned 10 times or more. This is the best way to share Mile HIGH Cleaner with your friends to help them reduce toxins too. The steadfast shakers may be hard to convince but once they try MHC they will never use ISO again.


Or, if you are tired of shaking your bong and want to try a better way you can get a discount code for 50% off the Deluxe Cleaning Kit. ($70 worth of products normally sells for $45 every day)

with a 50% discount so you pay just 22.50. This is for FIRST TME purchasers only, That is why you must contact us. This is the only place this is posted.

To get this deal contact us at to talk to a representative.

If you think ISO is not harming the planet please watch this video.

If you are skeptical about how the cleaner works please check out the full review from RUN THC. The amazement in their voices shows. They are IMPRESSED beyond their wildest dreams.

Remember, you can get up to 3 Sample Pack and brush sets with any order.


Weight .04 kg
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 1 cm

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