Pipe Cleaning Kit (2oz bottle and 5 brushes)



The right tools for the job of cleaning a hand pipe!

Mile High Cleaner’s Pipe Cleaning Kit comes with five of our specially-designed brushes, to clean most dry pipe, vape and basic pieces.
Better than pipe cleaners because they are reusable and don’t leave fuzz.
All these brushes are made with stainless steel so they wont rust and nylon so they last a long time.
Bendable yet rigid enough to scrub tenacious resin.

Pipe cleaning Kit set of five brushes with a bottle of Mile HIGH Cleaner

Size 1: Vape

This 7” soft-tip versatile, bendable, yet rigid Vape brush is our smallest in the line. Remove debris from the tiniest nook or cranny but does not leave behind the fuzz of traditional wire pipe cleaners. Our favored brush for dabs, waxes and concentrates.

Size 2: Large Vape

8” long ¼ wide for cleaning mouthpiece, tube and airways as well as glass domes, small stems and bangers. A good brush for routine use on small items.

Size 3: Small Pipe

8” long ½ wide for bong bowls, stems, pipes and smaller handheld pieces.

Size 4: Pipe

This 8” long 1” wide bush is great for stems, tubes and bowls. This moves a lot of resin and is the brush most used by our experts on black tar resin.

Size 5: Soft Bristle

The final brush is a soft bristle brush for coating the inside of the interior body of the pipe with a very fine coating to make cleaning next week a breeze. Rinse in hot water and watch it will just flow out. Do not coat combustion chamber.

Mile High Cleaner Natural Resin Remover formula is plant-based oils specifically formulated for breaking down all 5 kinds of resin from the oily to the crusty. MHC kills bacteria, mold spores and microbes and is inert and edible. Clean your piece dozens of times with one small bottle. I Expect to clean my pipe 100 times easily from this 2oz bottle. Once you learn how you will be able to clean fast and efficiently.These are the tools for cleaning dry pipes

Do NOT use Brushes with Rubbing alcohol or solvents

Solvents break down Chains like the Polymer Chain that is the bristles of the brush. Solvents also oxidize metal, Solvents are NOT cleaners.
Do not use a brush as a poker. If you do it will forever be a poker with resin ground into the wire and fibers. Use a poker, that is its job.

The larger the openings in your pipe the easier access to clean and it improves airflow. Everyone hates letting your thumb off the carb and the hole being too small and it still pulls smoke through the bowl. Get a good pipe with large carb and mouthpiece!

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