Mini Vape Kit (10ml, 2 brushes)


This kit comes with a 10ml bottle of Mile High Cleaner and 2 brushes for your piece in a reusable pillow box for travel.


The Mile High Cleaner Vape cleaning Kit!

Bottle and 2 brushes specifically for the smaller vape and handheld sizes. For tabletop models you might try the Deluxe Cleaning kit.  MHC is the best way to keep your vape clean!

Mile High Cleaner is an all-natural, completely organic resin remover that can clean your piece fast without any chemicals or solvents.
MHC was formulated to deal with cannabis messes, utilizing the scientific principle of Encapsulation and Polar Attraction (compounds with opposite polar values are attracted to one another) cannabis resin is naturally attracted to, and encapsulated by our formula, creating an entirely new compound. This new compound is then easily handled like any other mess- just wipe or rinse it away!

What’s inside the Mile High Cleaner Vape Kit.

This deceptively simple set comes with 2 brushes and a mini bottle in a reusable pillow box for storage..
Enough cleaner for 20 cleanings. The 10ml sized bottle is easily refilled and our formula and keeps the brush clean. This set can be reused many times and keeps all the tools in one convenient pouch. Great for travel! Check out our standard and industrial size bottles to stock up on refills and reduce waste

Pick one of our specially-designed brushed to go along with your mini Mile High bottle, and be ready for a quick scrub anywhere! MHC will also clean the brush out, so it won’t reek in your stash bag (we recommend adding a few drops onto the brush before using it for the easiest clean-up!).

brushes included are size 1 and size 2 (see description below)

Size #1- 1/8″ x 6″

Size #2- 1/4 x 8″

Also available are sizes;

Size #3- 1/2 x 8″

Size #4- 1″ x 8″

Compact enough to fit in any smoke stash, yet clean your piece several times.

No matter the place, Mile High Cleaner is there to help keep your smoke clean and receive lifetime replacement on all the tools in the kit.

Easily stashed in a pouch, this set is great for cleaning while traveling, or just keeping in your smoke bag!

Try MHC in your bong or waterpipe. It prevents resin from sticking to your glass.

We believe in sustainability here at MHC, so we made sure that this bottle was easy to use again and again. it is easily refillable, so you can reuse this bottle for many adventures and expeditions, and never be stuck with a sticky mess again, no matter where you roam! The Pillow box is not trash. Stash the whole kit under your sink for cleaning at home because it wont stink.

Or get the deluxe kit and have lifetime replacement warranty

Don’t worry about a dirty piece again- make the switch to Mile High!

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Mile High Cleaner changes the nature of sticky resin. 

read more about the science of molecular encapsulation that MHC is based on!

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