Industrial Size (8oz cleans 200 water pipes)


Industrial Size 8oz for small grows or big smokers. Specially designed to work on any cannabis mess—from growing, extraction, concentrates and consumption. Use on trim scissors & automated machines, rosin presses, surfaces, water pipes and dry pipes. Enough to clean a 10″ rig 200 times. This is for Heavy use consumption or in a personal grow!


Industrial Size Mile High Cleaner (8oz)

For small grows or big smokers!

Mile High Cleaner: Industrial cannabis cleaner (8oz) for small grows or big smokers. The same great formula, MHC is a completely organic resin remover and is chemical and solvent free. Through polar attraction (positive and negative attract) resin is naturally attracted to MHC. Instantly it is then encapsulated. This new combination is no longer sticky. It is easily wiped, rinsed or washed away with dish soap and hot water.

Scientifically formulated to work on most plant sap, resin or burnt plant matter.

  • Removes resin from any smooth, finished surface including: glass, metal, plastic, ceramic, acrylic and PAINT!
  • 100% natural, organic, renewable and plant-based.
  • Safe for plastic, acrylic, laminate and silicone.
  • Rinse resin away using only hot water (when used as a preventative.)
  • Odorless, tasteless cleaner made for Cannabis cleaning, not some repurposed solvent

Bulk size for heavy smokers or small grows cleans about 200 bongs

Mile High Cleaner: Industrial cannabis cleaner (8oz) is

Private labeled by many including

GreenBroz trimmers, Enviresin, Tom’s Tumbler trimmers, Bong drops, Bee-Nails, The Trim Store, Glass Blunts and many others.

Healthy Lifestyle

First of all, Cannabis is a natural and healthy lifestyle. People care about the environment and are concerned about the chemicals and toxins dumped into that environment. The solvents being used to clean are not a healthy choice. Their extreme odor is trying to cover the chemical smell.  Some cleaners are 100% hazardous VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) like Isopropyl Alcohol, Formula 420, Grunge off. Other cleaners state they are 3% VOC’s, consequently they all have warnings like ‘fumes may be toxic’ and list the Poison Control Center number on their label.

Mile HIGH Cleaner Natural Resin Remover has no VOC’s or hazardous compounds at all and is completely edible.

Therefore there are no warnings on our label. Cleaning just became a whole lot safer

Mile HIGH Cleaner works on all plant stickiness, from trim scissors to dabs and extractions.

It also works on any surface from plastic, acrylic, laminate counters, painted walls or any finished surface.

The formula has no odor or harsh chemicals. (derived from plant, fruit and nuts, not known allergens)

The plant based formula cannot harm you or the planet.

Mile HIGH Cleaner costs less than any other cleaner per use including Isopropyl Alcohol, saving you money.

Try our Ultrasonic Cleaning System. Just run the scissors through the cycle nightly for new feeling scissors daily. (not for use on smoking paraphernalia or black tar resin, it just stinks too much)

Bulk size for heavy smokers or small grows cleans about 200 bongs

32oz is even more cost effective

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