Daily Clean Club: Lifetime Tool Replacement


Exclusively for DELUXE KIT owners.

Buy the Deluxe Cleaning Kit and never have to pay for a brush or scrubber again! $40 value!

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You are a member of the Daily Clean Club!

As the owner of the Deluxe Kit you get free replacement of any tool in the Deluxe kit, per order, any order. Keep your glass clean and fresh for the rest of your life. Free replacement of tools…FOREVER!

ONE item for any order. TWO items at $30. THREE items at $100. 

Please choose your free replacement from the pull down menu above. List of Available items;

  • Brush size 1 (quantity 2)
  • Brush size 2
  • Brush size 3
  • Brush size 4
  • Triple brush (replaces Double Ended Bong Brush)
  • Canna Mag Shuttle RED
  • Canna Mag Shuttle WHITE
  • Canna Mag Wand One per life (expected 55 year lifetime for wand)

This is exclusive to DELUXE kit owners. Must purchase on line at

Receive free item in addition to any other coupons and codes.

NOTE: If you use our tools with toxic solvents like Isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol or other cleaners. It will dissolve the coating on the Canna Mag shuttle and it voids any warranty. In addition, it will damage the plastic bristles and pit the metal of the brushes as well as the plastic and metal of your drains.

Solvents dissolve! Stop using ISO, it is made from fossil fuels.

Mile HIGH is cheaper so there is no excuse for a Dirty Bong. You can get that tasty, first hit flavor every day as easy as washing a dish.

Brush size 1

The thinnest brush. 6" x 1/8"

Brush size 2

8" x 1/4" brush

Brush size 3

8" x 1/2" brush

Brush size 4

8" x 1" brush

Canna Mag Shuttle WHITE

Smallest WHITE shuttle for tight pieces

Canna Mag shuttle RED

Standard RED shuttle, Mid sized

Canna Mag shuttle GREEN

LARGE magnet shuttle. Also suitable for aquariums.

Triple Brush

Makes 5 brush combinations up to 16" long x 2" wide.

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