Canna Mag Expansion Pack scrub tight places on glass


These 2 new shuttles are for big bongs that are extra dirty or small or tight pieces with percolators.

Coated to protect your glass bong, powerful enough to scrub the dirtiest piece.

Must be used with Canna Mag Scrubber and Mile HIGH Cleaner.

Canna Mage is Included in the Deluxe Kit for best deal as it comes with lifetime warranty on all tools.

Scrubbing will always beat shaking.

Clean like never before.

Clean DAILY for best taste.

Canna Mag Expansion pack to scrub tight places on glass bongs  

If you don’t own the Canna Mag do NOT buy this expansion pack

In this kit, you’ll receive two additional sized shuttles for your existing Canna Mag Scrubber that allow you to scrub tight places on glass.

Extra Large green and Extra Small white. thinner and more powerful shuttles

The best magnetic bong cleaning tool made better.

The GREEN shuttle is Super Powerful for really tough resin, big Pieces or even Aquariums

Cut a swath right through that black goo!  Warning, be careful! The Green magnet is powerful and not for use on cheap, chipped or compromised glass

The WHITE shuttle is less powerful but can scrub tight places on glass with percolators.

Canna Mag scrubber
Magnets reach through the glass and scrubs the inside
Scrubbing shuttle
Slide down the stem and scrub. Direct contact will always work better than shaking.
3 sizes of scrubber
The red shuttle is standard and perfect for most bongs.
The RED shuttle comes standard with the Canna Mag magnetic scrubbing tool.

You should already own the RED shuttle, it is made to handle most any basic water based pipes and “daily smokers” and has a free lifetime replacement.

  • Super powerful Rare-Earth magnets to scrub the inside of my bong.
  • Coated to protect my piece, no metal touches glass, only plastic.
  • Serious scrubbing power! Most powerful and smallest sized magnetic bong brush to scrub tight places on glass

Use ONLY with Mile High Cleaner Natural Resin Remover. 

Isopropyl alcohol will dissolve the coatings and void the warranty.

If you don’t own the Canna Mag do NOT buy this expansion pack for the canna mag

If your Piece is basic and has no tight spaces or Percolators don’t buy this. It is to Scrub Hard to Reach places on glass bongs and water pipes

Our best deal is the DELUXE CLEANING KIT which includes the Canna Mag bong magnet cleaner scrubber and lifetime replacement of any tool. That is right…You get all the tools you need to clean…even new versions… for free with any order, forever as members of the Daily Clean Club.

Membership in the Daily Clean Club

You bought all our tools, I will replace each and every tool as needed, with any order, for free to the original purchaser or designated giftee, of the Deluxe cleaning kit for as long as I am in business or you are alive. How’s that for a warranty.

This is exclusive to the DELUXE kit owners.

NOTE: If you use our tools with toxic solvents like ISO or other cleaners the it will damage the bristles and pit the metal of the brushes. It will dissolve the coating on the Canna Mag shuttle and it voids any warranty. ISO Pits metal and damages plastic. Our Tools and Your Drains are metal and plastic. ISO is made from fossil fuels. A single use is one drop on a swab before a Flu shot. A single Glass cleaning is up to 4000 drops. Most gets dumped down the sewer and is a “toxic spill”. There are hundreds of millions doing the same thing. All because some hippie said it was OK.

ISO may work but it is certainly NOT OK.

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