Prevent resin from sticking

Intro special. Buy 2 and get a cleaning kit for the stem and bowl

Resin loves to stick. Use BonGOO to prevent resin from sticking to the glass.  Add 10 drops and get it dirty. The next day rinse clean in hot tap water; no spots, no smell! Odorless, organic so it does not change the taste. Choose the BETTER DEAL. At $29.95 it qualifies for free shipping. Single bottle costs $7.95 in shipping.


Prevent resin from sticking.

Resin prefers Bongoo instead of sticking to glass.  Add 10 drops to a clean WATER Piece and get it dirty. The next day rinse clean in hot tap water for a clean, odor free piece. The odorless, organic formula is Food Grade Edible, the highest level of safe attainable. This is the cheapest way to keep a water pipe clean, costing  less than $.20 cents per use with 90 to 110 uses per bottle.

Why BonGOO?

  • Makes Rinsing Extremely Effective
  • Can even CLEAN a dirty piece while you toke!
  • MUCH Cheaper than any other “Resin preventer”.

Resin preventers are a great alternative to suffering with dirty glass but can be expensive. Bongoo is by far the cheapest of them all. Using just 10 drops for an average piece. With up to 1118 drops per bottle, this means over 3 MONTHS of rinsing clean using hot water and shaking, the same you would do anyway. It is so effective that not only will it prevent resin from sticking, it will clean a dirty piece. You dont even need to start with a clean piece… Just start usign it and even the dirtiest piece with come clean eventually.  

The bubbling acts like shaking, splashing the formula over the resin with nothing more than taking a toke. Do this long enough and the old resin will wear away. 

Rinse out the day old bong, add 10 drops to the water and toke as much as you want. the next day the piece will have no spots and no odor.

A week old bong with a full ring of black will take 3 days to ‘smoke clean’

A month old bong will take longer and should be cleaned with the deluxe cleaning kit. You will need this kit for the stem, bowl or the occasional full clean.

A dried out, never-been-cleaned piece should also be cleaned with the deluxe cleaning kit using the “overnight” method.

For daily use, add 10 drops to the clean Piece and toke all you want. Within 23-36 hours rinse in hot tap water and shake vigorously 3 times. That’s it! Add distilled water and 10 more drops and you are ready to toke in less than a minute. Repeat daily.

We did 152 days in a row, zero resin build up!

Now daily rinsing is EFFECTIVE. Bongoo is Odorless, tasteless, inert, Plant-based formula.  BonGOO has no odor. allowing the great flavor of the bud to come through. Glass stinks after a few hours and soon smells like an outhouse! Good thing you can rinse it clean every day for about 15 cents.

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Bongoo can even remove resin from already dirty glass.

Meant to be added to a clean piece to keep resin from sticking, we stress tested it on an already dirty piece.

This is the actual before picture of a well used piece. Bongoo cleaned the glass while we simulated toking using a CPAP machine. The stem was cleaned by Mile HIGH Cleaner and a brush, then washed with dish detergent. This is by far the easiest way to keep a water pipe clean and odor free 

Before using Bongoo and then dish detergent

Bongoo comes with one brush

If you look close you can see resin in the wire of the after photo, so this brush can be reused a hundred times!

How does BonGOO compare to the other resin preventors.

First off, they don’t do free samples

Piece Water is $15.00 per bottle and can be diluted by 50%. A standard “Flask” bong would only get as little as 2 uses and up to 5 uses at best so daily use of this is easily $3 per day. If you go multiple days you must smoke through the same dirty water until it is rinsed days later. It will smell bad after a few hours and grow germs that replicate every 20 minutes.

Rez Block 15ml is over $21 per bottle! It uses 7-14 drops depending on size of the Piece. This is very similar to BonGOO at 10 drops per use. Ths big difference is quantity. Rez Block is 15ml for $21 BonGOO is 60ml for $16. That is 4 times MORE for $5 LESS! Ready to order a full bottle, shop here.

Keeping glass germ free is more imortant than ever.

Germs and bacteria Live in water and a water pipe is Paradise! One little spec is a huge condo complex housing lots of microorganisms. Bongoo not only 

 keeps the glass clean but also kills germs, bacteria, microbes and fungus all while being food grade safe and completely edible.

Natural, plant-based phytosterols and charged glycerides protect the glass from both sticky resin and germs as it creates an “inhospitable environment) for microbiology.

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FREE Sample of BonGOO

Brought to you by Mile HIGH Cleaner which you will still need for cleaning the stem and bowl and all your other pieces. 

Made to clean any sticky mess from trim scissors to extraction and all glass paraphernalia in between.

Order a FREE sample of BonGOO to try, it will last at least a week. 

Remember, you can get up to 3 BonGOO samples and 3 Sample Pack and brush sets for pipes with any order. 

This is our only form of advertisemment so we want you to share.

Free shipping on any order at $25

Weight .2 kg
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 2 cm

One Bottle, Two bottles, FREE Shipping, Brushes, stem cleaner

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