Why clean your glass…

Maintaining your pieces on a regular basis.

Why clean your glass you inhale from?

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Why Clean your glass? First of all, it is YOUR PIPE. You inhale from it inviting that great smoke into your lungs. Give it a good sniff, if you gag that is really the flavor you are  inhaling when you smoke. At the very least you would not drink from yesterdays glass left out over night, would you?

Hard and/or chlorinated water can leave your piece dirty or cloudy looking, and cleaners with chemicals, solvents and salt can ETCH the glass.

Chemical Etchings are permanent damage cause by repeated exposure to Non PH Neutral Liquids (Either Acidic or Bases).
These are seen in the form of chemical bong cleaners, including ISO & Salt.

IMPORTANT: Isopropyl (Rubbing) alcohol and most commercial bong cleaners will also etch metal plumbing and corrode your pipes.

This sink pipe was eroded from solvents like ISO being dumped down the drain!

Glass is harder and reacts in different ways. Alkalis react with the silica. Acids work on the alkali in the glass. This makes your piece cloudy, dull and the water does not roll off to a clean finish

Many solvents, VOC’s and other petroleum-based chemicals have been shown to cause damage to human health.
Effects may include reduced memory and concentration, personality changes (withdrawal, irritability), fatigue, sleep disturbances, reduced coordination, and/or effects on nerves supplying internal organs (autonomic nerves) and/or nerves to the arms and legs (weakness, “pins and needles”).
ISO is a central nervous system depressant.
Isopropyl Alcohol may affect the liver and kidneys.

How to Remove Chemical Etchings?

Unfortunately, once a chemical etching has started, the only way to reverse it is to polish the inside of the glass.
In 99.9% of the cases, it is impossible to polish the inner portions of glass smoking accessories. This is due to the extreme intricacies of pipes & water pipes.

Avoid solvents like Formula 420, Randy’s, Grunge Off or Acids like Klear Kryptonite. These chemicals not only damage your glass, but they harm you and the environment.
Simply look up the health effect of solvents and VOC’s and you will see why it is SO important to avoid these harsh cleaner.

Clean your glass regularly using a 100% natural cleaner, like Mile High Cleaner.

What are Water Spots?

A Water spot is a mineral or compound deposit left behind on a surface from evaporated liquids. Minerals such as calcium, magnesium, metal cations, and/or compounds such as sulphates and bicarbonates can cause water spots. Often referred to as HARD water

-Small dots/circles or dried spots
-A cloudy film covers your piece and the water will not cleanly sheet off.

These symptoms generally get worse over time as more & more minerals collect on the glass.

These can be gently scrubbed away if you can get to them. Use distilled water for a cleaner, hit with no hard water.

Water spots are only surface deposits on your glass. Using the CannaMags magnetic scrubber & our revolutionary Mile High Cleaner formula, water spots can be removed from your glasses surfaces both inside and out.