So you have a clean pipe always… even on the go!

The mini bottles can be easily refilled with some of our larger sizes  for reuse on many adventures. 

Just refill at home, pop the travel sized bottle into your stash kit, and off you go to another amazing adventure.

Mile High Cleaner is the natural way to remove resin! Keep your pipe clean and lungs healthy with just a few drops.

Works on all of our favorite plant stickiness, from trim scissors to dabs and extractions.

Effective on any surface from plastic, acrylic, laminate counters, painted walls or any finished surface.

Odorless and colorless

This product contains ZERO harsh chemicals.

Our plant based formula cannot harm you or the planet.

Mile High Cleaner costs less than any other cleaner per use, including Isopropyl Alcohol, saving you money.

Safer and cheaper than Isopropyl Alcohol!

Find out how to use our product below!


Find the steps for cleaning your pipe or bong above!

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