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Lifetime Replacement Guarantee

We will replace for free any brush or tool to the original purchaser or gift recipient of the Deluxe Kit
(not including the cleaner)

per order, every order…for the rest of your life. 

These brushes are specialized for the intricacies of Glass. Stop searching for brushes that fit or resorting to wire coat hanger and paper towels.

Never buy a brush to clean your piece again…ever!

Tools You Can Trust

Because we will replace them, no questions asked.

Individual items may vary in each kit. Covered items include

Brush size 1
Brush size 2
Brush size 3
Brush size 4

Triple brush
Canna Mag Shuttle RED (medium)

Canna Mag Shuttle WHITE (small)

Canna msg shuttle GREEN (large)

Canna Mag wand.

Caps and decorative pieces not covered.
Items may be substituted for current products. One Wand per lifetime.

Even if you lose it, or your dog ate it, or you just want a backup, we will replace it. Free shipping on orders over $25 so order enough cleaner to get free shipping!

Mile High Cleaner Deluxe Kit: All The Tools to Clean Your Glass
Mile High Cleaner: Natural Resin Remover, The Sustainable Alternative To Isopropyl Alcohol- Vaporizer Cleaning Brush

Business As It Should Be

We are trying to do the right thing, not the profitable thing.
We ship everything in eco friendly, minimal packaging.
We use recycled material including the wax paper from our labeling department.
We Re-use, Reduce and Recycle in every way we can.
Our product is natural, organic and safe for you and the planet.
At 50 cleaning per bottle it is cheaper than ISO and a great value. And save 9 plastic bottles of ISO
We will even give you the tools to clean daily.
We don’t share your info…we barely know what to do with it.
But do expect some updates occasionally.


All Natural

Completely Edible


Made from renewable plants

Cheaper Alternative

50 cleanings from a $12 bottle

Why Choose Mile High Cleaner

Some people say “do what is right, not what is easy.” At Mile High Cleaners we say “do what is right and what is easy!” You can’t go wrong with an environmentally safe and easier solution to cleaning your glass and other sticky messes! Our resin removing solution is safe for almost any material.

Try it for cleaning, glass,  rig, paraphernalia, trim scissors, Laminate, acrylic, plastic, silicone, paint or any resin!

Don’t be fooled on how powerful a combination of fruit oils and nuts can be in removing the stubborn traces of resin. Nature working with nature.

Costs Less Than Isoprpyl Alcohol

Our 2oz bottle of Mile High Cleaner is $12 and good for 50 cleanings, abou 25 cents per cleaning

Environmentally Friendly

No more dumping harmful chemicals down our drains! Our all natural, organic solution is not harmful to you or the envirnment.

Plant Based + Non-Toxic

Isopropyl alchohol to clean pipes and other accessories can be dangerous. Keep it green with our plant based resin remover.

I don’t know what I would do without this product in my life! 

Turner Black

I’ve been using these products for around 3 years with complete satisfaction. I’ve used it for glass pipes, acrylic and glass bongs, vape pens and my dog to remove resin and keep everything clean with just a rinse. 

Calvin Vincent

Best cleaner I ever used. The ONLY cleaner I use now!! Cleaned my water pipe in less than 10 minutes with ease and got back to smoking . 

DJ Lazzzy Boy

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