Do you Know about Isopropyl Alcohol?

Do you KNOW about Isopropyl Alcohol? Did you know Isopropyl Alcohol (ISO) is made from fossil fuels? Do you Know about Isopropyl Alcohol? Did you know ISO contributes to over 1 million deaths per year? As a matter of fact, Isopropyl Alcohol could be the reason you...
Dirty Glass cleaned easily

If you use a dirty glass it affects everything from taste to health

Have a frighteningly dirty piece?

Halloween is coming… do you have a frighteningly dirty piece? Is your piece scary? Does it reek like an open grave and look like a tar pit? Does it smell bad? OF COURSE IT DOES! Is it growing some sort of toxic mold? PROBABLY! Are germs growing inside it....

Derek M., Westminster, CO

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] I gave Jim my bong for demonstration of how well Mile High Cleaner works. I knew how hard it was to clean this small bong so I settled in for a five to ten minutes of time wasted while he labored to clean my fairly dirty,...

Shari A., Lakewood, CO

Mile High Cleaner cleaned my vape pen very well. Even the little spring was cleaner than I had ever gotten it with Isopropyl alcohol. It’s even organic!