How To Use Mile High Cleaner

(for glass, pipes, vapes accessories, and more)

Mile High Cleaner can be used for a wide variety of products. The results are impressive no matter what you need to clean. Use this page to help clean your piece to perfection.

How to clean water pipes (bongs and bubblers)

The quick version…

  1. Rinse piece well in hot water. The more heat the better. drain completely
  2. Squirt in 10 to 30 drops of Mile High Cleaner
  3. Use brush or Canna Mag to scrub all surfaces.
  4. Squirt in dish soap and scrub again.
  5. Rinse completely.

The long version…

Rinse in Hot Water. Not only does it make it easier for the cleaner, but it gets the resin molecules to start moving.

Pour out all the water. Squirt in 10 to 30 drops. You don’t need much to clean the whole piece.  Squirt some on your brush to make it easy to clean at the end.

Brush all the surfaces you can reach from any opening. This should just take a few seconds. If you are using the Canna Mag drop in a shuttle and scrub with the wand.

You can now add in dish detergent (Any dish detergent like Dawn or Palmolive with a good de-greaser). Scrub everything again mixing in the detergent.

For ‘dead’ spaces where percolators block access find the main area where you can create some water movement with the brush; and add in the hot water while pulsing the brush creating water movement. This allows the mixture to get to the ‘unreachable’ places through hydraulic action.

Continue scrubbing and running hot water through until clean. This should take less than a minute though the first few times will take longer. As you become familiar with how to clean your piece you will be able to clean very quickly.

Rinse stem and bowl in hot water. Using appropriate brush and several drops, scrub, add detergent, scrub and rinse.

A few drops on a paper towel will wipe up any resin left on the sink, tile, counter, or painted wall (wow you got it everywhere!). Work a few drops into the brush then add detergent and wash to bring it back to new.

Now for the best part; prevent resin from ever sticking in your piece again! Add 1 drop of Mile High Cleaner per inch of water pipe. Add distilled water and smoke as much as you want. The next day simply rinse in hot water and it comes back to the same clean with no smell or resin…every time!

Note: some dirty water pipes have areas that have never come clean. Continued use of Mile High Cleaner as a preventer will eventually erode those dirty ‘leopard spots’.

How to clean dab rigs

RE-USING the reclaim for baking.

  1. Remove nail, slide or catcher
  2. Rinse piece well to remove as much old water as possible.
  3. Squirt a tablespoon of warm formula onto the ‘blob’ (more if it is big)
  4. Let it sit in a warm place (sunny window or near a heater)
  5. In about 20 minutes the goo can now pour into your batch of brownies or other edibles that use cooking oil.
  6. Then clean as a regular water-pipe using brushes or Canna Mag

If you do not wish to clean at all add 1 drop per inch of bong to prevent resin from sticking. The next day after smoking just rinse and shake in hot water. This odorless, tasteless, inert plant-based formula keeps the water cleaner between rinses and keeps your home from smelling.


How to clean dry pipes (bowls, chillums, one-hitters)

Let’s face it; Pipes are basic. A good-sized mouthpiece and carburetor, the right feel in your hand and a bowl-hole and size you prefer, and you are done. It is like buying a dish, pot or a glass. It is your basic way to smoke. (rice papers and blunts are OK but taste funny and waste smoke).

Your pipe… It used to be beautiful when you bought it. It felt good. You liked the toke from it, but now it is black, ugly and smells bad like a turd.  Cleaning was too hard, smelly, toxic and useless since it was going to be dirty again in minutes and who would want to put themselves through that again?

With just a minute or 2 of regular maintenance you can have smooth and tasty hits. Not only does it keep you from having to do a major clean, it ensures the best air flow and even burn to get the most out of your expensive bud.  Besides, that first hit from a clean pipe is heavenly…

If your pipe has never been cleaned and is crusty, if you need to poke it just to get airflow or when you do a hit without weed it gives you a big resin cloud (and a headache), well then, your only option is to boil. You can do all your small microwave safe glass pieces this way.

Boiling microwave-safe pieces

You are worried about the smell. We performed this exact procedure in the basement of a restaurant in Boulder Colorado. There is an odor upon opening the door of the microwave, much like a baked potato would waft out its smell. Unlike what you are used to, the smell dissipated by the time the manager got down the stairs 3 minutes later. As I wiped the bowl clean of resin with a paper towel he arrived and sniffed the air, turned around and walked back upstairs, satisfied we were not doing something illegal like smoking in a public building.


  1. Submerge multiple microwave safe glass pieces in a Microwave safe bowl.
  2. Squirt in a tablespoon or more of formula, fill with water to cover pieces.
  3. Cover with paper towel.
  4. Nuke until it boils.
  5. Throw away the paper towel outside (be careful; it is hot and stinks).
  6. Rinse pieces under HOT water until you can touch them. (do not shock the glass with chilly water, they will crack)


The bulk of the resin has come away from the glass. Depending on the size of the openings in your pipe the resin will just rinse out. The chunks don’t even stick to the sink.

Now use the appropriate brush and a few more drops of formula and scrub through all openings. Bend the brush as needed. (Note: the bottom of the bowl hole is the weakest point due to thin glass and repeated heating. Be careful.)

Wipe the bowl and sink clean with a paper towel and a few drops of Mile High Cleaner. Wash with detergent.

A regularly maintained pipe cleans in under 2 minutes with just a few drops of Mile High Cleaner.

To achieve this, apply a few drops to the small soft dry, clean brush then apply to the inside body of the pipe and “coat” it with a very thin layer to make it even easier next time. It allows you to just rinse most of the resin out in hot water on a daily or weekly basis. (Do not coat the bowl / combustion area.)

How to clean vapes, mod boxes and smoking tools

New designs are coming out every day but generally there is a power source, combustion chamber, coil and mouthpiece. If the power source/exterior ever gets sticky use a soft cloth or paper towel and a few drops of formula to wipe any surfaces or parts.

First; disassemble all parts. Basic parts like globes, mouthpiece, tubes and non-electrified parts can be brushed or wiped with warm Mile High Cleaner.

The longer you leave them and the warmer they are the easier the cleaning. Use a drop or 2 on the small Vape brush to scrub all non-electric parts.

Most manufacturers recommend; DO NOT touch the electric heating coil. To clean that combustion chamber, use a very small amount of Formula on the vape brush and scrub easily accessed areas. Go back over with a cotton swab shaft. Do a dry burn to remove excess.

How to clean smoking accessories (containers, dab tools, grinders, trays)

Use a soft cloth or paper towel and a few drops of formula to wipe any tray, tool, surfaces, jar, container or part. If appropriate do a final wash in warm soapy water.

In general, grinders only need to have the screw in threads cleaned.

First step;

  1. Scrape out all kief powder from interior.
  2. Smoke it. Mm, Mm good! (stop coughing)
  3. A few drops of the solution on the threads using a brush, paper towel or swab then wipe clean.

I don’t recommend using formula on the grinder teeth unless you want to do a full overnight soak in warm formula.

Note: for particularly stubborn stickiness on small pieces that are not microwavable. Place items in a small plastic bag and enough warm Mile High Cleaner to coat the parts and leave in a warm place overnight. Wash in warm soapy water. The formula WILL get out of the bag, that is its nature, so make sure it doesn’t leak onto something important.

  • Rinse in hot water
  • Add the formula to every opening and scrub with appropriate brush
  • Add detergent and scrub
  • Scrub and rinse clean

Add 1 drop per inch of water pipe to prevent resin from sticking. 10” piece gets 10 drops, 20” piece gets 20 drops.  Party as much as you want then just rinse and shake in hot water. This odorless, tasteless, inert plant-based formula keeps the water clean between rinses by encapsulating the smelly tar which keeps your home from smelling.

Some pieces with multiple percolation may have inaccessible areas or ‘chandeliers’. Please use Mile High Cleaner resin prevention to get and keep these areas clean. Those ugly resin ‘leopard spots’ left behind by the solvents that did not work will erode away. Get yourself an easy to clean daily smoker and use the pretty piece for the big party.

How to use the Canna Mag scrubber

Better than a brush. Scrub your piece from the inside. The fastest most effective way to clean. Now you can just guide the coated, rare-earth shuttle magnets through the resin and let the formula dissolve that nasty stuff.

As with any cleaning, remove all loose stem, bowl, slide or catcher and wash these as per pipe maintenance.

  1. Rinse piece well in hot water. The heat helps. Pour out water.
  2. Squirt in a good amount of warm cleaner, about 20 drops.
  3. Use the wand to guide the shuttle through the formula and the resin and scrub.
  4. Go fast! The force is strong (young Jedi)
  5. Squirt in dish detergent and scrub again. Go faster, the shuttle will keep up!
  6. Now you start the rinse in hot water.
  7. Carefully scrub while rinsing to give you a bubbly white background to see missed spots.
  8. Rinse clean.

This usually takes about 1 minute for a 15-inch beaker bong. If it is taking longer you probably got stoned or need to get stoned so, get on with it already!

How to use Mile High Cleaner for industrial cultivation

Our Formula cleans and lubricates your machinery and expensive equipment, reducing stress and wear extending its life and value. Private Labeled by GreenBroz trimmers, Toms Tumbler trimmers and The Trimmer store. They loved the products so much they paid to put their own name on it.

Cleans surfaces and skin as well. Grows get sticky. Use the formula to clean tables, tools and trimmers. Keep a bottle next to the soap at the sink. Your skin and employees will thank you.

Industrial sizes from 8oz MHC up to 55-gallon drums (store in warm, dry environment)

For general use;

  1. Lightly moisten a soft cloth with formula
  2. Wipe sticky surfaces.
  3. Wipe off (or wash with detergent if appropriate)

Smaller parts and scissors can be submerged in warm formula overnight. Just drip off and wipe down or wash in most cases.

We also offer an ultrasonic cleaner for big operations

The formula works on blades, zippers and surfaces. Lubricate sticky points and joints. Reduce motor stress and extend the life of your expensive equipment.

Used on all trimmer types;

Plate, trammel, mesh zipper, tumbler, bowl, spin, barrel, dry, wet, rotor and shredder.

If you deal with cannabis you deal with stickiness. There is always something Mile HIGH Cleaner can clean as a healthy choice over a solvent.

Note: try a little on your lips if they feel sticky from the joint. It will remove the resin and leave your lips softer.

How to clean trim scissors


Seasoning the Shears

On new scissors apply a small amount to a soft cloth and spread completely then wipe off. This fills the micro cracks in the metal so that the plant matter cannot get a grip and provides some protection against accumulation as well as lubricates the friction points. This is called seasoning the shears.

While trimming, using a soft cloth you can wipe with a very small amount as often as you like. Keep a small towel or paper towel with formula on it and as soon as you build up stickiness, WIPE! Wiping while the resin is still moist is most effective.

Once they become dry and crusty; soak overnight in warm Mile High Cleaner. Drip off as much as you can to re-use then use a soft cloth to wipe clean or wash in warm soapy water for a brand-new feel!

If you still feel you need to use ISO even after all the facts we have provided on it’s hazardous nature, please do so as a very final wipe and minimize the use of these harmful VOC’s.

If you currently use Grape seed oil; it has an odor and it is a polyunsaturated fat (PUFA) and prone to oxidation and turning rancid. This oil is mostly marketed by the wine industry since they have tons of grape seeds. They grow grapes and want to get rid of them. Most is extracted using benzene or other toxic solvents. The remain in minute amounts.

The formula is less is odorless, tasteless, inert, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal keeping your grow safe.

Please call for our MSDS.

How to clean anything else using Mile High Cleaner

In the bad old days of using solvents you expect leftover resin balls that stick to the sink or countertop. You did not use ISO or any solvent on acrylic, paint, plastic or countertops because it ruins polymers and often ‘re-deposits’ the resin when the solvent evaporates.

Mile High Cleaner is the next generation in cleaning and works on any finished surface and all your stuff; storage jars, tools, trays, kitchen sink, counters, walls, floors, paint, plastic, fingers, hair, glass and paraphernalia. We even had a customer use it on his dog, Spot! We never got the story of how Spot got his spot, but we did get that spot off Spot without a spot of harm to Spot!


Here are some tips:

  • If thick it is still 100% effective; 15 seconds in microwave or put it in your pocket.
  • Shake well! Warmth helps so rinse item to be cleaned in hot water if appropriate. (Don’t expect a frozen chunk of resin to come off easily for any cleaner!)
  • Use a paper towel and a few drops of Mile High Cleaner to wipe away any non- porous sticky surface.
  • Not for use on brick, cinder block, concrete or unfinished
  • Use the brushes to scrub any finished surface then wipe, rinse or wash in hot soapy water.


It works in many ways

  • Wash your glass coffee pot then wipe with a few drops on a paper towel…stunning!
  • Wipe a thin layer over the display jars or cleaning tray that get the ‘crusty coating’ and leave for a few minutes in a warm place. EASILY wipe off or wash in hot soapy water.
  • Remove label adhesive


Discover the virtually limitless possibilities of Mile High Cleaner for yourself. Grab some from the shop today.

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