Glass and pipe cleaning video and instruction

Mile High Cleaner How-To’s

Clean any stickiness from any surface or piece, growing to extracts and all puffing in between using our tools.

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Everything you need to clean your piece 50 times

loads of brushes, Canna Mag scrubber 

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Glass and pipe cleaning video General  instructions

Before cleaning Prepare your piece.

Glass pipe in bowl of hot water


Prepare the piece.

Fill Water Pipe or submerge pipe in HOT water and let sit for a minute.

Like soaking a pan to get the resin gooey.

DRAIN the piece completely but

retain the warmth.

Do this for any piece. Warm, gooey resin is easier to clean than cold dry resin.

how to clean water pipe

Info and techniques for water based paraphernalia

How to clean Dry Pipes

Easiest way to clean a VERY dirty pipe is boiling

How to clean a grinder screen

Is your keef screen clogged?

Threads so gummed up you can’t open it?

How to clean a Bubbler

Small spaces and tubes are not an issue

How to clean Trimmers

Mile HIGH Works on any sticky mess, growing to extraction and all puffing in between

Extraction and concentrates

Extractors get sticky. Mile HIGH cleans those parts fast and cheap.

Mile High Cleaner How-To’s!

Starting with Water Paraphernalia

Water Pipes



To Clean almost any piece effectively you must use tools. Like doing dishes with brushes and scrubbers

Squirt in some formula and coat the resin using tools. 

Scrub any spots. 

Add dish detergent and scrub again. 

Rinse in hot water. 

Mile High Cleaner How-To’s!

Dry pipes, one-hitters to Spoons

Regular cleaning of a pipe at the sink


Boiling is only for VERY dirty pieces. Weekly cleanings use hot tap water

Very Dirty pipes can be boiled with a Squirt! Clean more often so you can just use a brush and hot tap water.

How-To: Use DAB Drops to Clean Denim

Clean dab stains from fabric.

Sometimes you get resin or Dabs on your clothes. Theses Nasty Nuggets can ruin your fine garments, even if its just a favorite T shirt.

DAB Drops takes stains from most fabric, denim to silk. Works on resin stains as well.

Unique 2-part formula Dissolves And Breaks-up those tough stains.

Clean 25 stains with one kit but pays for itself with one use

Ready for the next level?

Prevent resin from sticking!

Just add a squirt of MHC to the water and smoke as much as you want.

The next day (or next session) rinse piece well in hot water for the easiest clean ever!

Our Organic, odorless, plant-based formula is completely edible. It does not change the hit because it is odorless and inert.

Put in 1 drop per inch of height of the piece; a 24″ Rig gets 24 drops. a 12″ Flask gets 12 drops, a 6″ Bubbler gets 6 drops. Add a little more if there is a lot of water, use a little less if there is less water in the piece. 

Repeat daily or every session and rinse your piece clean every time. Use on complex pieces and see how effective hot water rinsing can be using

Mile HIGH Cleaner to prevent resin from sticking.

How-To: Clean a Vape Pen

What would Dogs say about Isopropyl Alcohol?

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