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Why should I give up ISO?

toxic fumes
Printed on Isopropyl alcohol bottle

First, lets look at ISO. 

Outdated, toxic and takes a heck of a lot of time and  shaking.

Getting 4 or 5 cleanings to a bottle is a lot compared to any household cleaners, making ISO the most expensive “cleaner” you own.


ISO is a toxic solvent. It says “Fumes may be toxic” on the label. They must be serious because that is NOT a good marketing ploy.

The truth is Solvents are not cleaners, which bond to dirt and escort it away. Solvents DISSOLVES anything it can into a solution. This is MUCH more serious because it does not stop. ISO dissolves Resin, germs and bacteria but also damages anything else is encounters like plastic bristles so you cannot use brushes to clean. ISO pits metal and is slowly damaging your drains, plumbing, sewer and can easily destroy your septic tank with one cleaning.

The effects of ISO on the environment.
DO NOT wash into sewer because it is harmful to aquatic life. ISO poses a significant risk of oxygen depletion in aquatic systems. This kills everything.
Solvents are harmful to the environment. ISO kills bacteria, algae and microbes in the sewer and septic tanks. Just like good bacteria in your gut, these microbes, enzymes, bacteria, algae and many types of Plants  are involved in the process of cleaning the water. ISO kills them. 

The dumping of solvents is illegal…in any amount
The Federal Government does not acknowledge Cannabis or these concerns; and consequently, it gets worse, and we continue using Isopropyl rubbing Alcohol, solvents, and VOCs to clean.

ISO is a VOC. When VOC’s evaporate into the air; they disrupt the chemical structure of the surrounding air. In turn, this creates ground level OZONE and causes further harm to all life. 

The Institute of Physics estimates 1 million people died as a result of air pollution effects in 2013.
Other studies state 1 million died directly from Ozone pollution in 2017. Either way it causes serious harm to you, your family and the environment.

Deaths from OZONE

Breathing ozone can trigger a variety of health problems. Ground level ozone can similarly have harmful effects on vegetation and ecosystems.

This affects everyone. Ozone in the air we breathe can harm our health. People most at risk include small children, older adults, and people with certain genetic characteristics. 

If they have lung issues or diseases such as asthma, COPD or even a common cold will, as a result, suffer more and could die. This is the weakest 30% of the population!

ISO is heavier than air so that Vapor settles to the floor where your pets or children spend a lot of time.

The fact that this “Hazardous Substance Fact Sheet” exists should be a BIG RED FLAG. The  highlighted copy is at the bottom of this page and reveals a few of the many problems with ISO.


ISO is a known or suspected mutagen
(Changes your DNA). Now, that may have worked out for Spiderman. But in the real world we get free radicals and tumors. It is not limited to just humans either. Plants and animals are affected by ISO as well.


Many people assume ISO is safe because it is used in the medical industry as Sterilization before your yearly flu shot. This is so a germ or virus does not get a free ride into your body. It is an important job with a calculated risk. Doctors do a lot of risky things like Bombarding you with X-ray, Have you Drink Barium, Chemotherapy to see who dies first, or even hosting a camera where it should never go, are all necessary calculated risks.

A Yearly Flu shot Swab is 2 drops of ISO per use which mostly turns to vapor. In contrast, some people use 8 ounces for their weekly clean which is 4000 drops per cleaning and 48,000 per year. Most importantly this is dumped in liquid form which has a 20-day half-life before turning to vapor and doing new damage. 

They used ISO so much that bacteria have adapted by creating thicker cell wall armor that is impervious to ISO. If this happened to something like Covid, we are in BIG TROUBLE. Read the full article here

“According to a recent study, a new concern; alcohol-tolerant bacteria inside hospitals.”

We are subjected to a lot of toxins that we have to tolerate. Eventually we get older and the less we can tolerate.

What does not kill you does NOT make you stronger. It makes you weaker and depletes your resources leaving you with less ability to fight off other toxins and diseases. As our world becomes more toxic from chemicals of our own making it is important to reduce, mitigate or better yet eradicate all the chemical toxins we can. Isopropyl rubbing Alcohol, solvents and VOC’s all have issues that you can do something about by using Mile HIGH.

 Just in amounts it is staggering… One 8 ounce jug of MHC costs $25 and cleans a 10″ bong up to 200 times. ISO would need 40 of the large bottles to achieve the same 200 cleanings. Not only did you just release 10 GALLONS of a fossil fuel based solvent into the environment but you just added another 40 plastic bottles to the WORLD Plastic Waste PROBLEM. Just so you can shake like a Seizure for poor results? You obviously hate cleaning that way… otherwise you would clean as often as you would the pan you used for cooking dinner. The next time you use that pan it will be clean because you know germs grow on food but they DON”T GROW on DRY FOOD. They ONLY grow because of WATER. Your bong is full of DIRTY WATER. It grows germs! FAST! Are you inhaling germ laden swamp water???

Alcohol based sanitizing products like instant hand-sanitizer can lead to passive alcoholization.

Nurses who use Alcohol based hand sanitizers many times in a day are causing Fetal Alcohol Syndrome because alcohol absorbs through the skin.

What will it be like in 100 years from now?

We can ‘tolerate’ a small amount of a lot of chemicals. However, the more our bodies must deal with these chemicals the less we will be able to deal with anything new. Every new cleaner just seems like a more toxic mix of solvents and chemical. The harsher and more hazardous the chemical the less we can tolerate.

In conclusion, Solvents are not the way to go.

The effects are cumulative and there are a lot of Cannabis Consumers using ISO. Estimates are 5.6% of the population. That is 435 million worldwide! 

Volatile Organic Compounds have a high vapor pressure at ordinary room temperature. Their high vapor pressure results from a low boiling point. They evaporate fast and are know to cause both Poor Indoor Air Quality and outdoor air pollution. 

Technical Overview of Volatile Organic Compounds

Poor Indoor Air Quality Causes Headaches

What Causes Poor Indoor Air Quality | Common
Signs To Watch For

Chest pain, coughing, throat irritation, and airway inflammation are a few signs to look for. The exact same indications that you just took a BIG BONG HIT. 

In addition, inhaling ISO can reduce lung function and harm lung tissue. Moreover, Ozone can worsen bronchitis, emphysema, and asthma which leads to increased medical care and Asthma “attacks”. Learn more about health effects at the EPA website.

Mile High Cleaner can clean all of your inhaling or vaporizing accessories including the plastic ones. From glass pipes & rigs and dabbers & vaporizers all the way to trimmers, grinders, and even your blackest ashtray, Mile High has you covered. 

MHC can clean the oven door, bar-b-cue, oil paint brushes and dried bugs on cars or motorcycles.

If it is a smooth, finished surface that does not absorb liquid and wipes clean, it is safe for our cleaner. It is easier to say we don’t work on porous, raw or absorbing surfaces like construction materials, cinder block or raw wood.

In the grow for trimmers tables and surfaces. Any surface that get sticky can probably be cleaned with Mile High Cleaner. It works on concentrates and extraction equipment along with all the associated plastic and sensitive parts, as well as rosin presses. We even have a 2 part formula for taking dab and resin stains from fabric.

Don’t forget around the house, the sink and kitchen, magazine table or wherever you may get sticky resin; tile, glass, metal, plastic, acrylic, paint, granite, quartz, laminate, finished wood, poly carbonate, a lovely countertop. Sounds like quite a party!

Just Shake or Twist to COAT a warm piece but it is not necessary to waste energy shaking. Instead, use our specially designed tools that are made to clean inside bongs, even with percolators. Remember germs thrive in water and multiply every 20 minutes

No, but if you are sensitive to Plant based allergies, please skin test first. This is a natural product with no known allergens. There is no peanut oil or other known allergens in the formula.

Mile High Cleaner’s unique natural formula is organic, plant based and so natural you can eat it. Don’t, it is an odorless, flavorless goo that works on resin like you would not believe. It is a cleaner, not a dessert topping. MHC is Edible but not meant to be eaten.

Mile High cleaner is made by combining natural plants, fruits, and nut oils. Using the acids, enzymes, and natural ionic properties we made the most effective resin cleaner over. We won’t give away our secrets here, but feel free to contact us for more information or a MSDS sheet!

MHC is odorless, colorless, tasteless, inert, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-microbial and edible. MHC works in harmony with nature to remove all kinds of sticky resin from any finished surface…
the ultimate resin remover, preventer, and neutralizer.

MHC Cleans any resin from any surface. Pipes, rigs, vapes, trimmers, extractors…

Don’t forget around the house, the sink and kitchen, magazine table or wherever you may get sticky resin; tile, glass, metal, plastic, acrylic, paint, granite, quartz, laminate, finished wood, polycarbonate, a lovely countertop, or any surface. MHC even removed resin spots from the dog Spot. Sounds like quite a party!

Dish detergents are constantly being refined and are MUCH Safer than ISO which has not changed in 100 years. Some detergents are safe for Wildlife after toxic oil spills. BTW, ISO is made from that toxic oil. Read the Label on Dawn compared to ISO. Dawn is not edible, MHC is digestible so it is even safer.

Think about it.
Scrubbing in the sink with detergent is the highest standard of cleaning achievable in a home.

Lifetime Replacement Guarantee
We will replace for free any brush or tool to the original purchaser or gift recipient of the Deluxe Kit (not including the cleaner) per order, every order…for the rest of your life.
These brushes are specialized for the intricacies of Glass. Stop searching for brushes that fit or resorting to wire coat hanger and paper towels. Never buy a brush to clean your piece again…ever!

Individual items may vary in each kit. Covered items include

  • Brush size 1
  • Brush size 2
  • Brush size 3
  • Brush size 4
  • Triple brush
  • Canna Mag Shuttle RED (medium)
  • Canna Mag Shuttle WHITE (small)
  • Canna msg shuttle GREEN (large)
  • Canna Mag wand.

Caps and decorative pieces not covered. Items may be substituted for current products. One Wand per lifetime. Even if you lose it, or your dog ate it, or you just want a backup, we will replace it. Free shipping on orders over $25 so maximize your savings to get free shipping!

The formula is a little cold. Store in a warm place above 68 degrees. You could also run the bottle under hot water or microwave bottle for 10 second bursts until warm.

That would work for VERY dirty, neglected bongs. Rinse out, coat with formula. Let sit in a WARM place like a heat vent or sunny window. Then scrub as normal, with our tools, just like doing the dishes. You use water, heat, a small squirt of detergent and tools like scrubbers and brushes to clean your pots and pans. This is no different. MHC changes resin so it is no longer sticky. Wipe, scrub, brush or wash away just like any mess…

ISO is made from fossil fuel, and we are releasing it into the environment in liquid form!

It is like tossing a cup of gasoline, or diesel fuel into the environment. Dumb, but not bad if one person does it. Horrible if the HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of cannaconsumers do it.

If they all cleaned in one place it would be called an environmental catastrophe. It would be millions of gallons. And some people clean every day.

Just the VAPORS cause eye, nose, throat, and lung irritation. That’s bad for Grandma with COPD or little Timmy with asthma and tender young lungs. It is a major contributor to Poor indoor air quality which is 14 times more likely to kill you than outdoor air according to a 2005 study. It is worse since then.

ISO turns into Ground Level Ozone which kills around 1 million people per year, mostly the old, the sick and the very young.

This is printed on my bottle. They did not want to put it on there, but they wanted to be in a Class Action lawsuit even less.

The Long-Term Risks of ISO!

  • Loss of coordination
  • Loss of concentration
  • Nervous System Depressant
  • Sleep disorders
  • Known or suspected carcinogen
  • Known or suspected mutagen
  • Known or suspected teratogen
  • A major contributor to poor indoor air quality
  • A major contributor to ground level ozone.
    Isopropyl rubbing Alcohol solvents and VOC’s have issues!
  • Should be used with gloves, eyewear, and adequate ventilation $ (Industrial vent) Cost $
  • Isopropyl Alcohol is made from fossil fuels, the source of most of our environmental issues. Cost $ and rising
  • ISO should not be released into the environment, even through the sewers, as it kills the bacteria that break things down. Cost $
  • Evaporation should be minimized as the Vapor contributes to 1 million deaths per year. Cost $$
  • Methyl Carbinol (another name for ISO) kills germs, bacteria, and enzymes severely damaging Sceptic tanks. Cost $$
  • ISO pits metal and damages plastic, your drains are metal and plastic. $
  • As a ‘Hazardous Substance’ Waste ISO should be contained and shipped to an environmental waste treatment plant. Cost $$
  • Vapor over 2000ppm is immediately hazardous to life and health

Mile High cleaner is made by combining natural and organic acids, enzymes and oils from plants, fruits and nuts. We won’t give away our secrets here, but feel free to contact us for more information or a full MSDS sheet!

MHC is an odorless, colorless, tasteless, inert, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-microbial and edible compound that works in harmony with nature to remove all kinds of sticky resin from any finished surface…
the ultimate resin remover, preventer, and neutralizer!

NO! But if you are sensitive to plant or nut allergies, please skin test first. This is a natural product with no known allergens. There is no peanut oil in the formula.

Mile High Cleaner’s unique natural formula is organic, plant based and so natural you can eat it. Don’t, it is a odorless, flavorless goo that works on resin like you would not believe. It can get chilly so store in a warm place.

Daily use of a water pipe = Daily cleaning

If you use a wet piece once in a day you should clean it once a day. Rinsing is ok DURING THE SAME DAY but not as a substitute for cleaning. Would you drink out of yesterday’s unwashed glass? 

Watch out for unwanted debris

I recently toked 2 hits and went inside for a glass of water. When I came back, I noticed a fly doing the backstroke in the Piece. If he had not still been flopping, I would have assumed that was a chunk of resin and used it for a day.

This happens to all of us even if you did not SEE it. It’s better to just play it safe and clean your piece as soon as it stinks because it was the smell of CRAP that attracted the fly.

The old way of cleaning glass by shaking toxic solvents was nasty and annoying. But Mile High Cleaner resolves the problems of cleaning glass. Most bongs are clean and ready to toke in less than 2 minutes. A one hitter could take as little as 15 seconds to clean.

Our products have zero toxicity, zero hazards. Use 1/50 (one-fiftieth) the amount you would of ISO. Saving up to 10 large 32oz bottles to one 2oz bottle.

Our brushes and tools are meant to be reused over and over again. The Canna Mag scrubber has a 55-year expected lifetime.

There are NO disposable items in our offerings which would increase trash and waste. We are seeking an alternative to the plastic bottle to reduce plastic waste even further.

We are trying to do the right thing, not the profitable thing.
We ship everything in ecofriendly, minimal packaging that often serves as its own storage container.
We use recycled packing material including the wax paper from our labeling department and local businesses.
We Re-use, Reduce and Recycle in every way we can.
Our product is natural, organic, and safe for you and the planet.
At 50 cleaning per bottle it is cheaper than ISO and a great value. 
We will even give you the tools to clean daily if you buy our Deluxe kit.
I will even make recommendations for cleaning your piece if you send me a picture.

If I cannot help you get your piece clean cheaper, easier, or faster than ever before I will refund your money.

Facts on Isopropyl alcohol
Facts on Isopropyl alcohol
Facts on Isopropyl alcohol
Facts on Isopropyl alcohol
Facts on Isopropyl alcohol for Hemp based products go to Holistic Hemp Solutions. Patented process and superior products. 


Refund and Return policy click here.
Remember to order in BULK, the 8oz jug can clean a basic water pipe 200 times using tools!
The Vape Brush is the cheapest item. buy it to get to the $25 free shipping level.
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