Frequently Asked Questions (yes it is edible)

How do you clean? Videos Here!

What is it made of?

Our Natural Resin Remover scientifically engineered from the perfect combination of Nature’s goodness, combining 100% natural and food-grade plant, fruit and nut seed oils together, creating the  Ultimate Resin Remover, Preventer and Neutralizer! (not known allergens but if you are susceptible to oil based allergens please do a skin test first) MSDS WW MHC      

MHC is the correct odorless, colorless, tasteless, inert, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-microbial and EDIBLE oil that removes all 5 kinds of resin from any finished surface.

You likely use and eat hundreds of plant oils every year.  Each has its own flavors, odors, properties, attributes, makeup, acids and uses. This is simply the correct combination of odorless, tasteless, inert and EDIBLE oil that removes resin from any finished surface.

What can it clean? Click here for partial list.

The list is almost limitless. It should be a smooth or finished surface that does not absorb liquids. This is almost everything including things painted, all are easily cleaned. And of course all your paraphernalia…

What CAN’T it clean?

The only things we do not work on is raw or porous surfaces like paper, construction materials such as cinder block, drywall, brick or unfinished concrete or wood. For Fabric, use DAB Drops 2 part formula. Specifically made for cleaning dab stains from fabric.

How does it work? Polar Attraction and Encapsulation.

Molecular encapsulation

The Basic Encapsulation Theory states that any 2 compounds that can mix, one will be dominant over the other and will change how the combination reacts with the environment. MHC changes the resin so that it is no longer sticky and is easily wiped or wash away.

Polar attraction; MHC is positively charged while Resin is negatively charged. They want to combine, just agitate with heat. The resin is immediately encapsulated changing it’s very nature so that is no longer sticky. Now it is ready to be wiped, rinsed or washed away depending on your needs.

MHC has no known reactants and is inert. This mean it will not react with anything including bleach, acids, bases, ammonia, solvents, and most chemicals. Don’t try that with ISO.

It also kills germs, bacteria and microbes by being a naturally inhospitable environment.

Pictured is the various golden forms representing the different oils of the formula that encapsulate the different resins shown in red. Resin can no  longer stick.

Why not Isopropyl rubbing alcohol? Click here for info

They used to think Asbestos was great too. Asbestos is only in a few cancers, there is evidence that ISO is found in every cancer tumor.

MHC costs less (25 cents/use). MHC works better (use just drops to clean) and on any surface (plastic, paint, metal) or cannabis mess, (growing, extraction and all smoking). Cannot harm you or the planet.

Back to that edible thing?

Yes. Although there is no reason to eat it, it cannot hurt you. You have seen the videos of the inventor eating the formula after cleaning a pipe. This is why you know you can use it to pre-treat your bong water with no worries!

Mile High Cleaner Natural Resin Remover is the only brand of cannabis cleaner available on the market today that is 100% SAFE for you and the ENVIRONMENT!
MHC has been designed and tested specifically for the cannabis and hemp industry and is EPA (US) and EuroFins (Canada) compliant.

Are there any allergens in the product?

There are no known allergens however these are natural plant based oils.
If you are allergic to peanut oil you may be susceptible to the other oils in our products.
There is NO PEANUT OIL or other known allergens in the formula. Please do a skin test first. MSDS WW our MSDS

How many uses per 10mL bottle? 

10ml expect 10* cleanings.

How many uses per 2oz bottle?

It takes around 20 drops to clean a 10″ bong so about 50* cleanings per bottle.

*Based on a 10” bong at approximately 20 drops per cleaning and 1000 drops per  2oz bottle.
It truly depends on how you use it.

If it prevents, why do I need a cleaning kit?

This is for every piece from dry pipes to water pipes. Furthermore there is a micro thin film left on the water pipe protecting your glass but sometimes you just like a perfect piece. Especially for storage. This is your tool kit.

Can it clean finished wood?

It does work on finished wood, in fact it can polish the wood and polished stone. Do not use on porous or unfinished wood or construction surfaces.