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Please Contact us or send a picture of your Tough to Clean piece…we have MANY WAYS to clean and love a challenge.


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contact us for Discounts and deals. Submit a photo of your dirty bong or pipe and receive a discount code. Posting a full review on social media can earn up to a DELUXE Cleaning Kit. Lets work together to rid the world of toxic chemicals, solvents, and re-purposed paint strippers. 

Add the post link of your social media review. Each follower equals one point one penny. A $12.00 bottle of cleaner is 1200 followers. A deluxe kit is $45.00 so would require 4500 followers. 

Contact us for how to collect.

Must be posted to cannabis related, over 21 sites.

Want it FREE? Please GO HERE I will give 2 samples and 2 brushes to you for free if you pay shipping. Clean several pipes per packet.

Remember that the 2oz bottle and all jugs are fore REFILL and should be purchased with tools or if you have tools.


Bong or Toilet

Which do you clean first, bong or toilet? A customer, Ralph, brought in a bong to see how Mile HIGH Cleaned his bong and I

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