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Please Contact us to get discounts and learn more on cleaning resin from pipes. We have all the tools to clean any Piece, Glass or rig.

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Contact us for Discounts and deals. Submit a photo of your dirty water pipe or pipe and receive a discount code. Posting a full review on social media can earn up to a DELUXE Cleaning Kit. Lets work together to rid the world of toxic chemicals, solvents, and re-purposed paint strippers. 

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Want it FREE? Please GO HERE I will give 2 samples and 2 brushes to you for free if you pay shipping. Clean several pipes per packet.

Remember that the 2oz bottle and all jugs are for REFILL and should be purchased with tools or if you have tools and can reach all surfaces.

Want more info on Isopropyl Alc. please go to read this.

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Watch a couple of videos and answer 6 questions to get Twenty, Thirty, even up to 50% discounts on cleaning kits. Top prize wins ALL 3 kits for free!

Every entry gets a cleaning kit worth $9.99 for FREE.

Mile HIGH is helping to save the planet. Does it make sense to use a large amount of toxic solvents like Isopropyl alc. and then just dumping them down the drain. This means we are releasing these toxins into the environment. I personally do not wish to be labeled a “stupid Stoner” but accroding to Forest Gump, stupid is as stupid does. Damaging the sewer system balance and releasing toxic, fossil fuel based chemicals into the environment to clean a bong is stupid. Really stupid.


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