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What Can Mile High Cleaner Clean?

Mile High Cleaner’s unique natural formula can clean so many things, and while it’s uses are certainly not limited to removing our favorite plant based residue, it can clean all of your inhaling or vaporizing accessories. From glass pipes & rigs and dabbers & vaporizers all the way to trimmers, grinders, and even your blackest ashtray, Mile High has you covered.

If it is a smooth, finished surface that does not absorb liquid and wipes clean, it is safe for our cleaner. It is easier to say we don’t work on porous, raw or absorbing surfaces like construction materials, cinder block or raw wood.

In the grow for trimmers tables and surfaces. Any surface that get sticky can probably be cleaned with Mile High Cleaner. It works on concentrates and extraction equipment along with all the associated plastic and sensitive parts.

Do I shake it like other cleaners?

Shaking can help speed up the process of removal, but is not necessary when using our specially-designed tools (they won’t scratch your glass!)

Mile High Cleaner’s unique natural formula is meant to be used with tools, just like doing the dishes.

Can it harm me in any way?

NO! But if you are sensitive to nut allergies please skin test first. This is a natural product with no known allergens. There is no peanut oil in the formula.

Mile High Cleaner’s unique natural formula is organic, plant based and so natural you can eat it. Don’t, it is a odorless, flavorless goo that works on resin like you would not believe. 

Do I soak it overnight?

 NO, though that would work it is also a waste of time and formula. If it is small you could run it through the dishwasher

Mile High Cleaner’s unique natural formula is meant to be used with tools, just like doing the dishes. You use a small squirt of detergent and tools like scrubbers and brushes to clean your pots and pans. This is no different. MHC changes resin so it is no longer sticky. Wipe, scrub, brush or wash away just like any mess…

Why should I give up ISO, it works!

ISO is made from fossil fuels so it causes more damage because we are releasing it in liquid form. Just the VAPORS cause eye, nose, throat and lung irritation. That’s really bad for Grandma with COPD or little Timmy with asthma and tender young lungs. It is a major contributor to Poor indoor air quality which is 14 times worse than outdoor air in big cities. ISO turns into Ground Level Ozone which kills around 1 million people per year, mostly the old, the sick and the very young. ISO is rated the same Cancer causing agent as RoundUp Weed Killer by the IARC. Is that enough or should I go on with more info here

What is Mile High Cleaner Made Of?

Mile High cleaner is made by combining natural and organic oils from plants, fruits and nuts. We won’t give away our secrets here, but feel free to contact us for more information or a full MSDS sheet!

MHC is an odorless, colorless, tasteless, inert, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-microbial and edible oil that works in harmony with nature to remove all kinds of sticky resin from any finished surface…
the ultimate resin remover, preventer, and neutralizer!


How Does Mile High Cleaner Work?

The Science of Mile High Cleaner is based on theories of Polar Attraction and Encapsulation.

Encapsulation Theory (read more) states that any 2 compounds that can mix, one will be dominant over the other and will dictate how the combination reacts with the environment.  MHC changes Resin on a molecular level so it is no longer sticky.

Polar attraction; Mile High Cleaner is positively charged while cannabis resin is negatively charged. They want to combine, which then neutralizes the resin.
This new combination is simply not sticky.  As a result, it is easily wiped or rinsed away with dish soap and hot water, just like any mess.

Read more on this topic HERE!

We are working with nature in harmony, using physics and science as opposed to simply throwing toxic chemicals at resin in a never ending battle that eventually leaves us wallowing in a pool of toxic waste with a 'clean' bong...



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