What can it clean

Mile High Cleaner can clean resin from nearly anything!

Because our product is inert, natural and plant-based it cannot harm you or the surfaces it touches! 

What can it clean, Paraphernalia;

Best Bong Cleaner for all your needs; Glass pipe, Dab rig, Glass dabber, Vaporizer, water pipe, Tobacco pipe, Vape pen, Hookah, Chillum, One hitter. As more items come out we will be adding more.

 Any hard finished surface. This is basically everything. It is easier to say we don work on construction materials like cinder block or raw wood.

If it is a smooth finished surface that does not absorb liquid then we can probably clean it

In the grow for trimmers tables and surfaces. Any surface that get sticky can probably be cleaned with Mile HIGH Cleaner. It works on concentrates and extraction equipment along with all the associated plastic and sensitive parts.

Any place in your home or grow

Don’t forget around the house, the sink and kitchen, magazine table or wherever you may get sticky resin; tile, glass, metal, plastic, acrylic, paint, granite, quartz, laminate, finished wood, poly carbonate, a lovely countertop. Sounds like quite a party!

It works on hair, skin, and dogs too! 

7 companies private label us for use on their products.

All these companies needed a cleaner. They looked at all brands and methods. Of course they chose the best,  Mile HIGH Cleaner.

They liked it so much they wanted their own label on it.

7 companies private label Mile HIGH Cleaner as their own brand.

That is HIGH Praise…

These companies not only thought our formula was the best cleaner ever, but they wanted it as their own. To have the honor of partnering

with a company is rare. 7 companies placed their good name on our formula as our partner.