The tools needed to keep pipes clean.

First of all, our brushes have been specifically designed for pipe cleaning. For that reason they are designed for durability, strength with flex, and to not scratch your glass! For pipe cleaner, water pipe, chillum, bowls and down stems, we  certainly have all the tools to you need to keep all your pieces clean, fresh and odor free! As a result you taste your bud, not the resin

Buy in a kit to SAVE! The best pipe cleaner on the market.

Various sizes from 6″ to 16″ with various diameters. These brushes are Zinc coated or stainless steel, nylon bristled and plastic tipped to protect your glass. Made to be used with Mile HIGH Cleaner.

**individual brushes alone do NOT qualify for free shipping!**

Do not use brushes with solvents like rubbing alcohol, it will damage the bristles and if you haven’t been paying attention, you don’t need to use solvents and VOC’s to clean our healthy lifestyle.