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If you have friends who would benefit from Mile HIGH Cleaner, please add a few free samples to your order. Up to 3 per order for free. Enough to clean a one hitter a dozen times or a spoon pipe or vape about 3 times. These make a great little gift. It also has the added benefit of you getting to toke from your friend now clean pipe. Win / Win!

We want you to have the easiest cleaning experience possible so you will do it more often and eventually get to the point of daily cleaning for maximum flavor, efficacy and enjoyment. Toking is personal and should be enjoyed to the maximum. A bong, for me, is the best way to toke. It delivers maximum impact for minimum cost and waste. It also prevents any ash in my mouth. It is the pinnacle of toking. Why would anyone toke from a dirty bong?

If you are a Grower, try the 32oz jug

Please note that the Pipe Brush is rigid and does not have a protected tip so it may scratch glass

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==We assume you shake isopropyl alcohol and salt to clean==
==ISO the most expensive "cleaner" in your home per use==
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===Cleaners strive every day, but few have ever checked all 9 of those boxes.===
Plus I will include the trial kit you already won! That is almost $68.00 worth of cleaner and tools for $22.50
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