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Jim Berry

Jim Berry

Ex-Federal Contractor to EPA, OSHA and Dept. of Health. Tasked with the Clean Air Act, Wokplace VOC and toxin reduction, disposal and ISO9001 compliance.

Blog on glass cleaning


Blog on glass cleaning and all Cannathings. 

Water pipe to Rig, dabber to spoon pipe, trim scissors to rosin press, post it all.

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Blog on glass cleaning


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Water pipe to Rig, this is our blog on glass cleaning

    Maintain glass water pipes
    Comparing Resin Preventers
    Isopropyl Alc glass cleaner
    3 water pipe cleaners that are safe to use daily
    Water Pipe or Toilet

    Comparing Resin Preventers How does BonGOO, RezBlock and PieceWater score in these catagories?Effectiveness.Ease of use.Cost per Bottle.Cost per Use.Daily applications.Environmental impacts.Drawbacks or flaws.Best practices.EFFECTIVENESSAll 3 we tested seemed to work


    Isopropyl Alc glass cleaner is not actually a cleaner It is a SOLVENT and has the words "fumes may be toxic". Upon


    3 Water Pipe cleaners that are safe to use daily.Worried about toxins in your life? Looking for a better way to clean than shaking chemicals? Daily cleaning is the future


    Water pipe or toilet, which is easier to clean? Cleaning the toilet is one of the most toxic, smelly, distasteful and disgusting cleaning jobs in the entire house. It takes


    If you are a Grower, try the 32oz jug

    Please note that the Pipe Brush is rigid and does not have a protected tip so it may scratch glass

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    Still think ISO is good, Read this https://nj.gov/health/eoh/rtkweb/documents/fs/1076.pdfGlass

    more than a blog

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    Thank you. I hope this was informative

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    Clean resin from any piece

    Comparing Resin Preventers

    Comparing Resin Preventers How does BonGOO, RezBlock and PieceWater score in these catagories? Effectiveness. Ease of use. Cost per Bottle. Cost per

    Isopropyl Alc glass cleaner

    Isopropyl Alc glass cleaner is not actually a cleaner  It is a SOLVENT and has the words “fumes may be toxic”. Upon further

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