Is Isopropyl Alcohol your cleaner? This is from the Dept. of Health on ISO This is PRINTED ON MY BOTTLE… Fumes may be toxic. They are serious… (it also absorbs through the skin, so wear gloves, respirator and eye protection) What happens when a child or...

Do you Know about Isopropyl Alcohol?

Do you KNOW about Isopropyl Alcohol? Did you know Isopropyl Alcohol (ISO) is made from fossil fuels? Do you Know about Isopropyl Alcohol? Did you know ISO contributes to over 1 million deaths per year? As a matter of fact, Isopropyl Alcohol could be the reason you...
Dirty Glass cleaned easily

If you use a dirty glass it affects everything from taste to health

Have a frighteningly dirty piece?

Halloween is coming… do you have a frighteningly dirty piece? Is your piece scary? Does it reek like an open grave and look like a tar pit? Does it smell bad? OF COURSE IT DOES! Is it growing some sort of toxic mold? PROBABLY! Are germs growing inside it....
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