Porcelain is easier to clean than glass

Water Pipe or Toilet

Water pipe or toilet, which is easier to clean? Cleaning the toilet is one of the most toxic, smelly, distasteful and disgusting cleaning jobs in the entire house. It takes less than 2 minutes. That makes it SIGNIFICANTLY easier than cleaning a water pipe. The right tools and cleaner make any cleaning job easier. The

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Magnetic Scrubber for cleaning glass

Magnetic scrubber tool

Magnetic scrubber tool Cleaning resin can be a challenge, as traditional cleaning methods like shaking ISO and salt is not very effective in comparison to the effort and issues. Unlike household cleaners for floors, toilets, dishes, or even bath tubs, cannabis resin requires a specialized approach to remove the built-up residue. Many people stick to

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Magnetic Cleaning Brush: the reason why you should buy one

Magnetism is a wondrous thing. It’s the force that makes it possible to clean your bong with a magnetic cleaning brush. With a magnetic cleaning brush, Specifically the Canna Mag magnetic scrubbing tool, you have no more excuses for not cleaning your bong. Magnetic brushes are extremely useful in scrubbing out all those hard-to-reach nooks

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