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The Do's And Dont's Of Cleaning Your Glass

"Most of the glass cleaning methods above are a lot of work, and require soaking, shaking, or hazardous chemicals. Jim Berry, founder of Lakewood, Colo.’s Mile HIGH Cleaner, set about finding an easier solution for the resin that was building up on his own bong. “I recently started smoking again and realized there hadn’t been any real innovation in cleaning in decades. I started research into this and figured out a better way of cleaning,” says Berry. His compound of all-natural plant-based oils is odorless, tasteless and inert, and is designed to encapsulate the five types of resin left behind by smoking cannabis, allowing them to be washed away easily with a hot water rinse.
(Since inventing Mile HIGH Cleaner in 2015, Berry has also discovered that it works on other items, including vapes, dab rigs and cannabis trimming tools.)"

Product Review: Deluxe-Cleaning Kit

"For all of your cleaning woes, the Weed Wipes cleaning solution really does work extremely well in cleaning your dirty, resin-caked glass as long as you follow the steps...
All in all, the Weed Wipes cleaning formula makes cleaning the stickiest, dirtiest glass a breeze."

Mile High Cleaner Mentions Online


"...You’ll be able to clean this easily just like you would any other dab rig (we highly recommend Mile High Cleaner)..."

From TechNews:

"We highly recommend Mile High Cleaner!"


Product Reviews

RoadRunner Portable Dabber Review (see #3!)

"The RoadRunner Portable Dabber clear is the most-amazing portable dabber on the market.  This state-of-the-art, two-ring design allows for an incredibly cool and flavorful inhalation, while having a mess-free reclaim-collection design."

"Quick to heat, quick to cool. We’ve tested them all–this is hands down the BEST portable dabber on the market!"

"A career of ingenious inventions and expert trap making skills could not win the coveted Road Runner for the Coyote. But now you can have this one by just clicking a few buttons. Thanks, internet! The Road Runner dry dabber from Home Blown Glass is a modern marvel. This bird was made for taking a quick taste, and then heading down the road. It’s Double-Donut cooling design creates enough air passage to cool down your hit a bit before delivering taste you can trust."

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RoadRunner Portable Dabber Deluxe

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