About Mile High Cleaner


How We Came To Be.

As regular cannabis consumers, we were uncomfortable with the toxic, environmental hazard that the mainstream resin removers and bong cleaning solutions available contained. Alcohol and other toxic cleaners are flammable and pose health risks to those of us who use them regularly. Combined with the hazardous effects of dumping all of that waste down our drains and into our water…it was time for a new age of resin removers and cleaning products.


All Natural

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Cheaper Alternative

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Trusted By Industry Leaders.

Don’t just take our word for it. Learn more about what industry influencers think of our products.

Making Water Pipe Cleaning Solutions and Resin Removers Since 2016.

Ever since we discovered the theories of Polar Attraction and Encapsulation we were on a mission to find the best way to take advantage of it for removing resin.

The Basic Encapsulation Theory states that any 2 compounds that can mix, one will be dominant over the other and will dictate how the combination reacts with the environment.

Mile High Cleaner is positively charged while cannabis resin is negatively charged. They want to combine. Then on a molecular level the resin is changed so it cannot stick. Mile HIGH Cleaner eliminates the stickiness of the resin. Just wipe or wash clean.

Truly Harmless, Truly Effective.

Mile High Cleaner has been designed and tested by scientists and chemists specifically for the cannabis and hemp industry. We are EPA (US) and EuroFins (Canada) compliant.

Mile High Cleaner works where ever there is Cannabis resin! Trim sciessos, dabs, extraction machines, scales, couches, clothes, tables and more!

Why Choose Mile HIGH Cleaner

Some people say "do what is right, not what is easy." At Mile High Cleaners we say "do what is right and what is easy!" You can't go wrong with an environmentally safe and easier solution to cleaning your glass and other sticky messes! Our resin removing solution is safe for almost any material. The fact that is costs less per use than ISO is great too!

Try it our your next bong cleaning, dab rig, trim scissors, jean resin, tables, silicone and more!

Don't be fooled on how effective a combination of fruits, oils and nuts can be in removing the stubborn traces of resin. 30 drops cleans almost any piece.

Costs Less Than Isopropyl Alcohol

Our standard bottle of Mile High Cleaner is good for 50+ cleans of your water-pipe and 50 hand pipes. Making it a cheaper alternative than your $1.99+ alcohol that's only enough for a handful of cleans.

Environmentally Friendly

No more dumping harmful chemicals down our drains! Our all natural, organic solution is not harmful to you or the environment.

Plant Based + Non-Toxic

Isopropyl alcohol to clean any pipes, rigs and other accessories can be dangerous. Keep it green with our plant based resin remover.

I don’t know what I would do without this product in my life! 

Turner Black

I’ve been using these products for around 3 years with complete satisfaction. I’ve used it for glass pipes, acrylic and glass bongs, vape pens and my dog to remove resin and keep everything clean with just a rinse. 

Calvin Vincent

Best cleaner I ever used. The ONLY cleaner I use now!! Cleaned my water pipe in less than 10 minutes with ease and got back to smoking . 

DJ Lazzzy Boy

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