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My name is Jim Berry, and I'm a medical marijuana user.

If you’re anything like me, you consume Cannabis both for its pleasurable taste and its accompanying medicinal effects. The one underlying problem we all share in consuming our favorite herb is the distasteful debris it leaves- I’m talking about resin, and needless to say, it stinks (no pun intended).

At one point, the odor of my bong got so bad I had no choice but to move it to the garage. Cleaning it became such a burden because no matter what I did, eliminating stubborn resin was essentially impossible. Not to mention, the smell it left in my kitchen was abominable, and all for what? It would become dirty and smelly again the next day anyways.

The only bong cleaning solutions on the market were no better than what I was already using, and also could only be used on certain surfaces. For one thing, those products were toxic, which requires gloves and a respirator for safe usage, and secondly, since they don’t require you to wipe the resin clean away, I was uncertain as to how clean my bong actually was getting.

I looked for a cleaning solution that was natural, organic, safe to use, and also effective enough to interact with the resin in such a way that it would be completely eradicated from my bong. Long story short, there was no product on the market that embodied what I needed; something natural, safe, non-toxic, and environmentally-friendly. I knew it could be done.

As a result, I knew there was a hole in the market for safe and environmentally conscious bong cleaning solutions, and this is why I decided to take it into my own hands and invent Mile High Cleaner. With Mile High Cleaner, we were able to scientifically construct a solution that resin actually prefers binding to, which not only cleans your piece, but also prevents resin from accumulating as well. It’s as easy as adding 10 drops to your bong!

In addition to cleaning essentially all finished surfaces including glass, porcelain, ceramic, and metal, Mile High Cleaner will also clean virtually all fabrics as well!

Cleaning my bong is now as easy as rinsing it in hot water for less than 20 seconds, leaves behind no left over messes, and restores my piece to the clean look and feel that it had when I initially brought it home. After rinsing in hot water, I add 10 drops of Mile High Cleaner, fill it with water, and can smoke as much and as often as I please while being confident that I am not inhaling any toxic chemicals, that my piece will stay clean and odor-free, and that I am causing no harm to the environment. Now I only need to fully clean my bong for a few minutes once or twice a year, using the brush that is included within the Mile High Cleaner kit.

Once I started using Mile High Cleaner I knew there was no going back to toxic, archaic, and relatively unsuccessful cleaning solutions like rubbing alcohol and other similar solvents. You’re choosing marijuana, an organic alternative to more toxic pills and medications; shouldn’t the solution you use to clean your bong be natural as well?

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Mile High Cleaner cleans resin from almost everything!



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