Mile HIGH Cleaner

no waiting no shaking

Best way to clean any Piece in your home

Proven more effective and

Cheaper than ISO

Save time and MONEY!

IONIC Bonding is proven to clean better and cost less than any cleaner including ISO alcohol!

Mile HIGH is Winner of many Awards including  Best Bong Cleaner… 3 times 

No shaking

IONIC BONDING is insanely effective

Robert H “Amazing Cleaner… Man, I am so baked” 

“To say I am VERY impressed with Mile high is simply not doing it justice. I am stunned at how well it works! Then they added lifetime warranty on tools…”

Sincerely, Robert H. III

The Next Generation in resin cleaning.

  Mile HIGH is for the discerning consumer that prefers

  • Clean hits, EVERY DAY!
  • Saving time, no Shake-WAIT
  • Save $$$, Costs less than ISO
  • Organic, over toxic chemicals
  • Aroma… over bong stench.

smile, it is clean!

Sustainable cleaning is IMPORTANT because;

ISO is made from Fossil Fuels and shaking toxic solvents is NOT a good way to clean. Lots of effort for often poor results and lots of toxic waste, odors, mess and TIME!

Truth is ISO is outdated, not sustainable, renewable or healthy and meets NONE of our current criteria on performance, cleaning ability, or minimum safety levels. Please read more here.

MHC’s Positively charged formula “pulls” the Negatively charged resin from the Nuetral Glass and reforms into a new liquid compound that can be washed with dish detergent!

One CANNA reviewer was stunned! See his FIRST TIME reaction on this video!


What is in it?

Charged organic plant compounds.

Nothing made by Man!

Charged caprylic glycerides, triacylglycerols, phospholipids, diacylglycerols, tocopherols, phytosterols, fatty acids and enzymes derived from plants. 

All components are digestible, odorless, tasteless, and inert. (Food grade edible but not meant to be eaten)

These compounds have a sympathetic “bond” to the 5 types of resin in the same way detergents bond to grease or dirt. This is not dissolving, it is CLEANING. 

Wash with tools, like any dish. SIMPLE, EFFECTIVE, and CHEAP.


Washing in the sink with scrubbers, hot water and a squirt of Detergent is refined to the easiest ever, but…

  • Dish detergent does NOT bond to resin.


  • Mile High DOES bond to resin. It is now a new compound that also now bonds with dish detergent…

so WASH IT! 

Mile HIGH Changes the resin so it wants to be washed! 

Indeed, this is how resin wants to be treated; The Yin to the Resins Yang, in harmony and balance, not attacking with chemicals. 

 Cleaning has been refined over 100 years by manufacturers and users               Isopropyl Alcohol, Unimproved in over 100 years.

Outdated chemical solvents and shaking like Dad’s old Chevy cannot stop progress towards the easiest way to clean we can devise; washing in the sink, the pinnacle in home cleaning

"Isopropyl alcohol is so outdated"
"Cleaning is as routine as doing the dishes"

Tiva G. said

“I clean with Mile HIGH before bed. I set the coffee maker, bong goes in the fridge. Hot Coffee and cool hits…

Best Breakfast ever.

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All the tools needed to clean any piece, rig or glass with lifetime replacement on the tools. If you own glass, this is the Kit to get.

Pipe Kit

pipe cleaning kit
An Array of brushes for PIPE, Vape, or any smaller, hand-held pieces.

Refill Jug

8oz. Jug
200 cleanings per bottle saves 40 bottles of ISO. Made for cheap daily use.

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Our products work or I will clean your bong!

More on How it works...

MHC bonds to the open sides of the resin molecule, changing its ability to stick to anything…Except Mile HIGH cleaner. Resin has been captured, confined or “encapsulated” into a goo that is easily washed away like any dirty dish using tools and detergent


END RESULT, resin can no longer stick to anything. Evaporation (and odor in your home) is reduced by 99%.  Note, it is no longer smokeable…don’t even try. 


banner img

RED resin naturally cannot stick because it prefers the various Golden ingredients in 

Mile HIGH Cleaner.

Resin scrubbed with magnetic scrubber

RED magnetic scrubbing shuttle 

Why it works so well...


Natural MARRIAGE of 2 compounds!

Mile High Cleaner is positively charged, Resin is negatively charged. They want to combine, be together, get married, settle down, turn over a new leaf, give up the sticky life and move out of your bong. MHC is the Mover.

We are working in harmony with Nature on her terms to rearrange the ionic bonds so dish detergent and water are 100% effective.

Washing in the sink… The highest level of clean in a home!

Sustainable Product of the YEAR!!!

Winner of many awards
Best Organic Cleaner 2021 (GHP awards)
Sustainable product of the Year 2022 (Prestige Awards)
Innovative cannabis product of the year (Clean Toke Coalition)
Special recognition for reducing air pollution.
Certified Top Cannabis Product by NAYA

Sustainable cleaner

Best Bong cleaner 3 years!

Best Organic Bong Cleaner 2019 (Hemp Excellence)
"Top 5 cannabis products of 2018" (HQ magazine)
Best Bong Cleaner 2020 and 2021 (West Coast Awards)
Truly Innovative (Dope Magazine)
Design KUSH Magazine FA winner!


After thorough testing they wanted their name on it!


“WOW, that is AMAZING. I mean really…WOW” Teri W.

“This should get a 6th star! ****** and a Blue Ribbon, Nobel prize and win the science fair”.  Doug M.

“I saw him drink Bong cleaner for Christ sakes! BONG CLEANER!! I put the ISO away, forever!”  Donald B.

comparison of cleaners

Looking for a cleaner that is sustainable, renewable, organic, plant-based, odorless with zero toxins and minimal environmental impact from growth, harvest, processing or transportation?

For instance, one 8oz jug equals 1280oz of ISO.  That is 10 gallons of Isopropyl alcohol

8oz jug of MHC
8oz refill jug cleans 200 water pipes, ISO would require 40 larger bottles

final comparison

ISO costs about $1 per cleaning. MHC is .25 cents.

ISO is made from fossil fuels. MHC is made from Plants!

Just inhaling ISO is Toxic. MHC is food grade edible, no odors

Shaking takes forever MHC takes less than 2 minutes

ISO damages metal and plastic. MHC cleans any surface, including plastic and paint. 

If you still think ISO is good, please, I BEG of you to watch this video.


Play Video about Isopropyl alcohol
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