Effective, Safe and Cheap

Mile HIGH Cleaner

Clean any glass, rig, pipe or piece
as easy as doing dishes.

Clean almost any piece with a squirt!

Organic cleaner for glass

Tools to make cleaning easy as doing dishes.

The Best and Safest way to clean any "plant" resin.

Organic, plant-based cleaner that works with Nature without toxins.

Kills germs but so natural you could drink it!

Clean Pipes, Rigs, Trimmers or any sticky mess from any surface.

Costs less than ISO. Seriously. 30 drops cleans almost any Piece.

Cleaned in less than 2 minute using Magnetic Scrubber

Clean any type of paraphernalia



Made from organic ingredients, Mile High Cleaner’s natural formula is 100% safe for you and our environment
Resin is STICKY. Mile High Cleaner works in harmony with Nature to change resin on a molecular level so it is no longer sticky and is easily wiped or washed away just like any mess! This is extremely effective. A squirt cleans  almost anything using our tools. Plus the tools come with lifetime replacement in the Deluxe kit.
A Brush of Perfection

Better Value Cleaning Kit

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I will personally make sure our products work for you or I will replace or refund. Free replacement with all tools with Deluxe kit.


Using Polar Attraction and Encapsulation.


Any 2 compounds that can mix, one will be dominant and will dictate how the combination reacts with the environment. MHC is dominant, changing Resin on a molecular level, so it is no longer sticky.

Mile High Cleaner is positively charged. Resin is negatively charged. They want to combine. Just brush to break adhesion. It is so simple.

This new combination is simply not sticky. 

As a result, it is easily wiped or washed away with dish soap and hot water, just like any mess.

We are working in harmony with Nature on her terms. We are using Science and the Physics of how things work, as opposed to simply throwing toxic chemicals at resin in a never-ending battle that eventually leaves us wallowing in a pool of toxic waste with a clean Piece.

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RED resin is naturally encapsulated by the Golden ingredients in Mile HIGH Cleaner.

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Private labeled by 11 companies

Winner of many awards

Best Organic Resin Cleaner and Sustainable product of the Year

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Glass and pipe cleaning video and instruction

Clean any stickiness from any surface or piece, growing to extracts and all puffing in between using our tools.


Use our TOOLS, Cleaner and hot tap water. Just like doing dishes.

What are you cleaning today?

Dry Pipes

pipe cleaning video

Water pipes

cleaning video


Mile High Cleaner works better than Isopropyl alcohol on tight spots.

SHOWN; the original RED shuttle is standard.

WHITE shuttle is available in the Expansion Pack. This is for challenging pieces only. Expansion pack also includes a larger shuttle for big jobs. (not shown)

Magnetic scrubber

Standard RED and Tiny WHITE scrub shuttles​

enough power to hold itself

direct contact is the best way to clean.​

Access everywhere

White shuttle is for tough spots​


Scrub where no man has scrubbed before

Mile High Cleaner works better than Isopropyl alcohol on tight spots.

SHOWN; the original RED shuttle and the WHITE Expansion Kit Small Shuttle. For challenging pieces

canna mag close up Standard RED and Tiny WHITE scrubbing shuttle

The Canna Mag scrubber With the expansion kit you can scrub the tiniest of spots

Scrub with magnets direct contact is the best way to clean.

Canna mag scrubber Scrub where you have never scrubbed before

Mile HIGH Cleaner works better than ISO



About the Science of Mile High Cleaner is based on theories of Polar Attraction and Encapsulation.

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Why not ISO

Over the Counter cleaners are costly solvents. That is why we all use Isopropyl Alcohol (ISO) but is it the smart, sustainable way to clean?

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This is important because

As daily consumers we were uncomfortable with the toxic, environmental hazard that the mainstream resin removers and pipe cleaning solutions available contained.

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