Isopropyl Alc glass cleaner

Isopropyl alcohol
ISO is made from fossil fuels!

Isopropyl Alc glass cleaner is not actually a cleaner

 It is a SOLVENT and has the words “fumes may be toxic”. Upon further research, that is an understatement

“I like your product and recommend it but a lot of this is totally over the top alarmist BS, isn’t it?

Mother Nature always wins in the end. We use ISO to kill germs and bacteria in hospitals. Nature, in response, creates bacteria with thicker cell wall “armor” that is impervious to ISO. This article states there are over 25,000 cases of alcohol resistant bacteria INSIDE HOSPITALS every year! This is the first step towards unstoppable covid.
Healthcare Hand Washing: Alcohol Losing Battle Against Super Bacteria

The more we use ISO, the less effective it will be in the future for killing germs. This is exactly the same as penicillin no longer being effective. Nature adapts. What happens when something virulent and immune to ISO pops up.
Every time we clean a bong with ISO, we move one step closer to the day when it becomes ineffective to kill some new toxic germs or bacteria. Then, we will be well and truly screwed. all because we use Isopropyl Alc glass cleaner

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The effects of ISO on the environment.

Isopropyl Alc glass cleaner

DO NOT wash into sewer because it is harmful to aquatic life. ISO poses a significant risk of oxygen depletion in aquatic systems. This kills everything.
Solvents are harmful to the environment. ISO kills bacteria, algae and microbes in the sewer and septic tanks. Just like good bacteria in your gut, these microbes, enzymes, bacteria, algae and many types of Plants  are involved in the process of cleaning the water. ISO kills them. 

The dumping of solvents is illegal…in any amount
The Federal Government does not acknowledge Cannabis or these concerns; and consequently, it gets worse, and we continue using Isopropyl Alc glass cleaner, solvents, and VOCs to clean.

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