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Worried about toxins in your life? Looking for a Cleaner safe to use daily? Is the effort to shake ISO and salt way disproportional to the pathetic results? Is cleaning all the dishes easier than cleaning one Piece? Do you clean your toilet more often than your Glass? Did you realize ISO (isopropyl alcohol) really is a toxic solvent? What Gave it away, when you read  “FUMES MAY BE TOXIC” printed on the label?

toxic fumes
Printed on Isopropyl alcohol bottle

Cleaning by shaking is the least effective way to clean. The chemicals have to make up for the lack of scrubbing. Some of the ‘over the counter’ cleaners are not thoroughly tested and are at best, not a cleaner safe to use daily and not cost effective enough to use weekly if they only get 5 cleanings to a bottle. In the world of all cleaners, that makes ISO the most expensive cleaner you own.

SCRUBBING by itself can clean many things. The addition of hot water helps and the addition of cleaners help but neither of them can really clean much on their own. They NEED scrubbing, but scrubbing does NOT always need hot water or detergent, they just help immensely. Technically, with effort, you could still clean a glass by wiping it with a paper towel. It would be easier with water and even better with HOT water. Cleaners seem to be the least of the equation and useless without water and scrubbing.

Why not just get the some tools? Because ISO would damage the nylon bristles and pit the metal of the brush, just as ISO damages your metal plumbing and dulls the laminate countertop. As a fossil fuel based solvent, ISO dissolves things and does NOT PLAY WELL WITH OTHERS, including you!

Cleaning resin from a Glass Piece needs all three to be effective; the correct cleaner, scrubbers and hot water to get consistently clean, which is how we clean everything.

The right tool for the job pared with Mile HIGH. 30 drops cleans almost any piece. The Deluxe kit has all the tools and lifetime free replacement of those tools as well as enough cleaner for 50 cleanings. Mile HIGH is the Cleaner safe to use daily!

  • Costs less than ISO per use
  • Cleans FAST using tools, like we clean everything else.
  • Kills germs, fungus, bacteria and microbes.
  • Completely safe to drink.
  • INSANELY EFFECTIVE 30 drops cleans most pieces with the right technique.

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