Porcelain is easier to clean than glass

Water Pipe or Toilet

Water pipe or toilet, which is easier to clean?

Cleaning the toilet is one of the most toxic, smelly, distasteful and disgusting cleaning jobs in the entire house.

It takes less than 2 minutes.

That makes it SIGNIFICANTLY easier than cleaning a water pipe. The right tools and cleaner make any cleaning job easier. The toilet has a special bottle to squirt the extra-toxic chemicals under the rim to be scrubbed with a special brush. Simple compared to cleaning resin.

The Porcelain Throne rarely smells
Tools make this cleaning job easy
The glass stinks progressively worse every minute it goes uncleaned.
Magnet Bong Cleaner
Black chunks and foul odor in about an hour

Which do you clean more often, Water pipe or toilet?

Lets see what the Survey on water pipes says;

  • 100% hated the smell of a day old water pipe.
  • 2% clean daily for a fresh clean hit as often as possible.
  • 40% TRY to clean a water pipe weekly, most fail.
  • 46%  Smoke for a month before cleaning (most of these complained of a constant cough)
  • 12% regularly hit yesterdays piece without even rinsing.
  • 3% do not clean…ever… (do not accept a bonghit from these people).
  • 85% Dislike the toxic chemicals used to dissolve resin
  • 91%  Would prefer to clean the entire bathroom rather than clean the water pipe.

So why do we hate cleaning a water pipe?

Perhaps because we use wire coat hanger, paper towels, Q-tips and shaking the strongest cleaners or solvents in a battle to try and get the resin.

These makeshift tools are not made to do the job and add to the mountains of trash and pollution. Using the correct scrubbers would greatly reduce the amount needed to clean a bong or pipe and be reuseable, thus reducing pollution and toxic waste.

In addition, Bong Cleaners rely upon shaking a solvents with salt thrown in to act as some sort of abrasive scrubber, just like using ISO. That is not improvement, just a variation on which toxic chemical is used. Turpentine, paint thinner, acetone, mineral spirits, grain alcohol, goof off or any one of dozens of solvents do a poor job because you are not SCRUBBING like you would any dish, pan, body, tooth, car, toilet or anything that requires cleaning. That is because they are solvents that is trying to dissolve the brush just as hard as it is trying to dissolve resin.

To make a tiny salt crystal ‘scour’ the glass takes an extreme amount of shaking as a salt crystal has very little mass. Throw a huge handful of salt as hard as possible and they would barely notice it.  Shaking salt as hard as possible will never equal a few seconds with a brush, hot water and the right cleaner. We know that because the dishwasher uses a special detergent, MUCH higher pressure and heat but still does not get it all clean and thats just food particles, not resin.

Cleaning a pipe by shaking toxic chemicals takes takes more time than doing the dishes and could take all day. Some pieces never come completely clean by shaking toxic chemicals. That is not a good toke…

Oh, and if you want to save the planet, don’t forget to pour ISO back in the bottle to be used next time. Turns out virtually no one does this! Less than 1%! current estimates are 390,000 gallons of ISO is poured into the environment every day just to clean paraphernalia.

Remember, ISO is made from Fossil Fuels which is illegal to dump in the sewer in any amount due to environmental damage. ISO kills the good bacteria in the sewers that break down waste. ISO mutates DNA so aquatic life is now a GMO (Genetically Modified Organism)

In addition, ISO is a VOC and considered a Major Contributor to Ground Level Ozone which kills a million people every year worldwide. Granted, these are mostly the elderly, the very young and the sick or infirm. Indeed, the people that are most affected by the toxic chemical vapors from cleaning paraphernalia PROBABLY DO NOT CONSUME. They are innocent bystanders that just happen to breathe the air we are slowly polluting in the name of a tasty hit. Maybe we are doing it wrong.

Shaking Toxic solvents is not how we clean anything. Todays modern cleaning includes brushes, scrubber, tools and detergents. We all own dozens of scrubbers and brushes to clean EVERYTHING.

In short, cleaning by shaking toxic solvents takes way more time, money and effort than any other cleaning we do…by a significant margin and releases toxic vapor that affects all life.

Jim Berry

Mr. Berry was a Federal contractor to the Dept of Health, OSHA, EPA and Food and Drug administration for 32 years, adhering to the CLEAN AIR ACT, as well as the SAFE DISPOSAL OF TOXIC CHEMICALS, and Reduding VOC’s in the workplace among many other strict requirements. Since getting his medical card he has created many environmentally friendly products for cleaning resin.

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