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Dabs On Your Clothes

As you took a long drag from your rig, you closed your eyes and felt the familiar rush of relaxation wash over you. It was the perfect escape from the hectic week you had just endured. But as you opened your eyes, you were met with a cruel twist of fate. A drip of dab dropped straight onto your favorite pair of jeans. The hot dabs melted around the fibers in a way that no amount of washing would ever erase. How do you remove dabs on your clothes?

The fabric feels scratchy weird, almost like it is grabbing at your skin! Dabs On Your Clothes can be a challenge

But don’t worry we are here for you and in this article, we will talk about every way of hope you can get rid of these spots. Let’s talk about what did NOT WORK.

We tried

  • Soak Your Shirt In HOT Water just spread the stain
  • Hot Iron with paper leaves a spot
  • Baking Soda HAHA, the stain just laughs at your feeble attempts to clean
  • Isopropyl Alc. leaves a bigger ring, stinks bad and discolored the fabric

Use Mile High Dab Drops To Effectively Remove dabs on your clothes

DAB Drops’ two-part, ground-breaking solution removes dabs off clothing. It can effectively resin, rosin, wax, shatter or dabs from almost any cloth. Even black tar resin from other paraphernalia is compatible with it. Mile High Dap Drops come in 2 parts; Dissolve and Break up. DAB Drops is quite simple to use and take anywhere from a minute to overnight depending on the dab and the fabric. Once the dab is dissolved use the 2nd formula, Break-up to wash the entire area clean. 

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