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Effective water pipe cleaner Is Essential

Reasons Why Effective water pipe cleaner Is Essential.

No matter if you Wake and Bake, wait until you get home from work,  or only use a piece on the weekends, Daily Cleaning with the Deluxe kit  is the future. It is the next logical step.

Water apperatus take about an hour before they start smelling bad, and when they do the odor is like an outhouse, destroying the taste. If you put off cleaning you are actually saying that cleaning is TOO DIFFICULT to do every day. That tells me that we need a better way to clean. Please watch this video.


The Benefits

A clean piece is important for several reasons: 

  • Improved taste

Residue, ash and tar can build, affecting the taste and making it harsh and distasteful. Regular cleaning with our deluxe kit ensures that you are getting the full flavor

  • Healthier 

Any stagnant water grows germs fast if not cleaned regularly and can harbor and grow bacteria, germs, microbes, fungus, and mold which can be harmful to your health. Bacteria colonies double in size every 20 minutes. In a few hours there can be millions of critters living and dying in the water. That is one of the reasons why it smells so bad. A neglected piece may be the cause of the cough you can never get rid of.

  • Explosive splash back, it will happen…

A hit can clog or ash partially obstruct the airflow. Sucking harder builds pressure and if the clog lets go suddenly, you could be tasting foul water. The week old stuff has more protein but it is rumored that if you drink enough month old water you will trip for 3 days…not recommended

  • Aesthetics

Ever walk into a house and KNOW they had a water pipe close by the smell. It is almost as and your delivery system. You bathe, clean and wash dishes daily and by regularly cleaning your glass, you can enjoy a better experience, and protect your health.


Why does Shaking toxic chemicals suck so bad?

That’s not how we clean anything. We use tools and detergents made to do the job. Tooth Brush and paste, Car wash brush and and the foaming detergent, the toilet brush and cleaner and of course all our tools for cleaning the dishes and dish detergent, tools, scrubbers and SPECIFIC CLEANERS are how we clean everything. We invest in tools for everything else. Effective water pipe cleaner is just as important.

  • Toxic cleaning solution: 

Some cleaning hacks may use solutions that are strong enough to remove built-up residue, such as ISO or nail polish remover but theses kinds of cleaners are TOXIC. The bottle of ISO will say “Fumes may be toxic” or “Fumes may be harmful” somewhere on the bottle.

toxic fumes
Printed on Isopropyl alcohol bottle
  •  Shaking and waiting is the worst way to clean

Soaking and shaking is not 100% effective. Shaking toxic chemicals must compensate for the lack of scrubbing brushes or tools. If your Dishwasher, with it’s HOUR LONG cycle, powerful jet sprayers and extreme heat cannot get food particles off, how is a little salt and the pitiful shaking a human can generate can get resin which is WAY tougher than water soluble food particles 

  • We are tool users

Some cleaning hacks may use salt as an abrasive to make up for the lack of scrubbing tools. Which do you think will clean better? The DIRECT CONTACT of scrubbing with a brush or tool will always work better, that is just physics That is why we put together the Deluxe Kit with all the tools and lifetime tool replacement.

  • Not allowing enough time for the cleaning solution to work

Toxic solvents take time. Using ISO and salt takes anywhere from 10 minutes to FOREVER! And still gets poor results.

How Mile High Deluxe Kit Can Solve Your Misery?


Mile High deluxe kit is the best way to clean a water pipe or pipe. 6 Brushes for pipes and the Triple Brush designed to clean and maintain a wet glass. The Magnetic Scrubber, specifically designed to clean all water pipes, even percolated pieces. This ensures that all areas of the bong are thoroughly cleaned, including hard-to-reach areas. 

  • Effective water pipe cleaner Is Essential

Deluxe kit includes our cleaning solution that is specifically formulated to remove built-up residue. Clean a bong up to 50 times with one bottle. That’s cheaper than ISO per use. It also save a bunch of plastic bottles from ever being used.

  • Saves money and time

Deluxe kit includes everything you need to clean your bong, or any other piece, so you don’t have to buy different products, which can save you money and time. A standard 10″ flask bong is easily cleaned in just over a minute. 

  • Easy to use

Deluxe kit is easy to use, and the instructions are often clear and simple, making it easy for you to clean your bong quickly and effectively in less than 2 minutes for most regular bongs


  1. Bonus feature! Lifetime free replacement!

‘The Deluxe Kit comes with free replacement of any tool in the kit for life. Once you buy the Deluxe kit you never need to purchase a new brush or scrubbing tool again because we will give you free replacement on any order. On your next order just click the DAILY CLEAN CLUB and choose a free replacement tool. This is the Best way to clean a bong or any piece. The complete kit that lasts forever with a bottle cleaning about 50 times.


Overall, a deluxe kit is the Effective bong cleaner alternative to maintain your bong, helping to improve the taste of the smoke and your enjoyment and saving the planet. This is the Reasons Why Effective water pipe Cleaner Is Essential

If you do dabs there is a risk of dripping a dab onto your clothing. Watch how to get dab stains out of fabric here

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