Isopropyl Alc glass cleaner

Isopropyl Alcohol is the most expensive cleaner

Think ISO is cheap???

Isopropyl Alcohol is the most expensive cleaner you own!

Isopropyl alcohol
ISO is made from fossil fuels!

Virtually ALL cleaning has been refined to the easiest and cheapest ever…

Except cleaning cannabis resin.

We stopped using brushes or tools and resort to shaking toxic chemicals.

Isopropyl alcohol and salt with lots of shaking and waiting is the standard for cleaning bongs. Include a Ziplock bag for glass pipe, stem, or bowl cleaning. At $2.50 per bottle, cleaning a bong with ISO seems cheap but may require MORE than 1/5th of a bottle, time, and effort to clean a single bong. Isopropyl Alcohol is the most expensive.

Many may clean the toilet more often than the bong because it is easier!

We make scrubbers, brushes, and detergents to clean that toilet and EVERYTHING else. For example, cleaning a glass cost less than a penny using a brush. Cleaning a glass bong could add up to 250 times that and includes paper towels, Qtips, and rubber gloves that end up as trash. In addition, there is the environmental impact of releasing Fossil Fuels, VOC’s and Solvents. Getting 5 POOR cleanings by shaking is pathetic and does not justify the plastic bottle.

In the world of all cleaners (not just bong cleaners) Isopropyl Alcohol is the most expensive you own, and is 2nd only to actual retail ‘Over the Counter bong cleaners’ which work the same way as ISO (shaking and waiting) but are well over $2 per cleaning! Who can afford that?

Cleaning by shaking toxic chemicals is the problem.

ISO is a TOXIC chemical solvent made from Fossil Fuels.

That is not an opinion. They print it on the label.

toxic fumes
Printed on Isopropyl alcohol bottle

ISO was Introduced for sale by Standard Oil company in 1920 (Wikipedia)

Aren’t we trying to reduce the use of fossil fuels???

Think ISO is cheap? All of this means Isopropyl Alcohol is the most expensive cleaner you own

Time for a change.

Mile HIGH Cleaner makes bong cleaning CHEAP and EFFECTIVE using tools.

Mile HIGH Cleaner  Organic, odorless, and sustainable.

  • works better
  • cost less
  • so safe you could eat it
  • Sustainable cleaner of the year 2021
  • Best Bong Cleaner 2020

Mile HIGH Cleaner  Shop here                     

(MHC) works in a whole new way to change resin on a molecular level, so it is not sticky and easily wiped or washed away. This is not a toxic solvent, but a fundamental plant based change in the resin, so it cleans up like any other mess. Clean a pipe using the

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