Clean a pipe using brushes

How To Clean a Glass Pipe Like A Pro

How To Clean a Glass Pipe Like A Pro.

If you like the taste of a great toke, you might face hardship when your pipe gets dirty. 

The sticky black debris and gunk are tough to remove and often leaves many frustrated because cleaning is so difficult. Indeed, many will clean the toilet more often than the rig despite the glass smelling much worse, much faster and being deeply inhaled through. The longer cleaning is put off, the worse it will be to clean. Many will just throw away a perfectly good pipe rather than go through the effort of cleaning. Both wasteful and expensive…

However, in this article we will discuss how our glass pipe cleaner can solve your misery.

Why shaking Solvents is not good!

According to experts isopropyl alcohol is one the most used options for cleaning your pipe if it has become ‘unclean’. And not just the basic 50% stuff… you need the really toxic 90% isopropyl alcohol or better. In addition you will need a container for submerging your pipe like a plastic bag, and some salt to act as some sort of scouring action while shaking vigorously and relentlessly.

You should be using gloves and eye protection and if you are not doing this outdoors then you should either have an INDUSTRIAL VENT HOOD or use a full Vapor level respirator. Keep in mind, the vapor from ISO is toxic and is considered a major contributor to poor indoor air quality from the micro amounts in beauty products and hand sanitizers. If you use it indoors you are not just adding, but MULTIPLYING the toxic levels. One cleaning could equal a LIFETIME SUPPLY of Hairspray. 

To reduce this, you should be pouring that gunk back into a container for re-use because dumping ISO is illegal and bad for the planet and all who live here.


That is not an opinion. They print it on the label.

toxic fumes
Printed on Isopropyl alcohol bottle

“May be toxic” was written by a lawyer to cover their butts and is based on the few drops released when used ‘as directed’. We use 3000 times that amount to clean ONE PIECE! Then most just dump it down the drain, releasing it into the environment. It is illegal to dump fossil fuels in any amount into the sewer.

ISO was Introduced for sale by Standard Oil company in 1920 (Wikipedia). So that means…

ISO is made from fossil fuels

Fossil Fuels are the biggest contributor to our Environmental Issues and the thing everyone is trying to STOP using!!!

Solvents such as isopropyl alcohol ARE TOXIC; They did NOT want to print that on the bottle. They needed to NOT GET SUED like Asbestos, RoundUp and Talc.

Solvents don’t clean our pipes perfectly and could corrode them because ISO pits metal and damages plastic. (Your drains are metal and plastic…)

It is not effective cleaning because the tiny salt crystals are trying to replace using a BRUSH to clean your glass.

That is like using a feather to scrub a roasting pan…

We usually use more substantial tools like brushes and scrubbers, in combination with the right cleaner and a little hot water. That is how Mile HIGH Cleaner can clean a pipe with just 30 drops of cleaner…using tools. Imagine a One-Hitter that could be cleaned daily in about 15 second. There would enough MHC in one bottle to last almost a year. That is fast, cheap and easy…

Weekly cleaning of a Spoon Pipe done in 2 minutes, like washing a dish.

Mile High Glass Pipe Cleaner Will Make Your Pipe New.

5 brushes and cleaner
Various tools and enough cleaner for 50 cleanings

The Pipe Cleaning Kit from Mile High Cleaner includes five nylon bristle brushes, which you can use on dry pipes, vapes, tools and parts. Because they are reusable and the MHC formula melts the resin without damaging anything, they are ideal for cleaning a pipe.

Along with the brushes, let’s talk about the advantages of the Mile HIGH cleaner.

Sticky resin
Sticky resin smeared on Plastic, the MOST difficult to remove

First of all, IT WORKS, This is resin smeared in to plastic and is MUCH WORSE than naturally occurring resin on a glass surface. We coated the sticky resin with Mile HIGH Cleaner then used one of our tools, the Canna Mag magnetic scrubber to cut right through the resin easily. Imagine this as if this were the inside of your glass rig.

The resin is not sticky and is easily washed away in seconds. The amount to cleaner used is just 2 drops. We used our Magnetic Scrubber to show how easily this cuts through the resin. 

The ingredients in this solution are the derivatives of plant oils, acids and enzymes which are safe for the environment and for your lungs too. MHC is odorless, tasteless, inert, kills germs and bacteria but is so safe you could drink it. Just 2 minutes and 30 drops cleans a bong, compared to ISO which takes about 3000 drops and seemingly FOREVER to do the same job, just not as well.


It’s crucial to clean your glass pipe before resin, odor and bacteria build-up and make it an overwhelming chore. Isopropyl Alcohol seems to leave black stuff in your pipe and has a severe cost in damage to your health and the environment.

Mile High Cleaner makes the process simple as washing a pan and reduces use of isopropyl alcohol and other chemical based solvents that might be harming you, your family and the planet. MHC uses less and costs less while the tools make cleaning fast and easy.

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