Magnetic Cleaning Brush: the reason why you should buy one

Magnetism is a wondrous thing. It’s the force that makes it possible to clean your bong with a magnetic cleaning brush.

With a magnetic cleaning brush, Specifically the Canna Mag magnetic scrubbing tool, you have no more excuses for not cleaning your bong. Magnetic brushes are extremely useful in scrubbing out all those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. They’re cheap and easy to use, so there really is no excuse for not using one from now on! 

They are a cost – efficient way to keep your bong clean and ready to use the next time you want to smoke cannabis. To understand why, consider how these devices work and some of the factors to consider before purchasing one.

How do magnetic cleaning brushes work?

Bong cleaning magnets are made with a powerful outside magnet in the handle. The small scrubbing shuttle magnet attracts through the glass and acts as a scrubber.  These magnetic cleaning brush are much easier and faster than Isopropyl alcohol. Bong cleaning tools and scrubbers are better than shaking toxic solvents for hours. Shaking and waiting is not how we clean.

Mini magnetic scrubber
Powerful magnets scrub hard to reach pieces
Mini shuttle for tight places
Mini Magnetic scrubbing scrubbing for tight pieces.

Advantages of magnetic cleaning brush

A magnetic bong cleaner is a simple device that contains a magnetic pad that we can use to clean your bong and remove ash and residue buildup. Removing these gunk build up from your bong helps to keep the bong or water pipe free of bacteria, germs, or fungus. Making it an effective way to keep your bong clean and healthy.

Another benefit of using a magnetic bong cleaner is that it can help reduce the risk of having your water pipe break. When smoking out of a glass water pipe, there is a risk that the glass could break, causing great sorrow.

Using a magnetic bong cleaner to clean your bong can help reduce this risk. 

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