Magnetic Scrubber for cleaning glass

Bong Cleaning Magnet: The Perfect Solution For You

Bong Cleaning Magnets are a perfect solution for anyone who has struggled to keep their bong clean. Bongs can become clogged with residue and leftovers from every smoking session. Rather than the hassle of cleaning your bong by shaking toxic solvents, invest in the Canna Mag Bong Cleaning Magnet by Mile HIGH Cleaner. The affordable way to keep your bong clean and ready to use again the next time you want to smoke weed. To understand why, let’s take a look at how these devices work and some of the factors you should consider before buying one. This is an example of the WRONG ONE as it is way too big.

What’s so great about magnetic bong cleaning “brushes”?

Bong Cleaning Magnet. Scrub the interior, from the outside. With the right cleaner it is super effective and simple. Just rinse out the chunks with HOT water, then add a squirt of Mile HIGH Cleaner, toss in the best sized magnetic scrubbing shuttle and guide it with the bigger magnet in the wand to scrub through the resin and cleaner. Add dish detergent and rescrub for a brand new clean.

What to look for

  • High magnetic power. Canna mag has the highest power of all
  • Small size, to fit in tubes and percolators. Canna mag has the smallest of all
  • Easy to use. Drop it in and start scrubbing, like the Canna mag.
  • No disposable covers that need constant replacement
  • Lifetime Warranty

The Canna Mag has a life expectancy of 55 years and we will warranty it for that long. What other scrubber is expected to last 20,000 times? Free lifetime replacement warranty, most powerful, smallest and easiest to use…Canna Mag is the right tool and Mile HIGH Cleaner is the right cleaner. A typical “Daily Toker” bong is easily cleaned in under 2 minutes


If you have a handheld pipe, then you know how challenging it can be to keep its chamber and mouthpiece clean. Watch the video then try our brushes with Mile HIGH Cleaner for best results.

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